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Golf Tdi 140bhp
« on: 10 February 2014, 09:49 »
Hi are there any vw gurus/specialists around Northamptonshire??

My niece bought a car from a garage just over 3 weeks ago now,after the second week,car developed a fault went in to limp mode EML came on and also something about emissions came up on dash,it's a vw golf 2004 gt tdi 140bhp was £3500. Should of had 3 months warranty,garage not even bothering to answer phone or trying to help with the problem,plus garage is about 30 miles from where we live. Looks like my niece will end up having to take them through small claims court.

1st Independent garage car went too said turbo had gone,I told my niece I don't believe that as car pulled to well before problem occurred.

So 2nd garage vw main dealer has come back and told them not the turbo at fault, it's because it needs a new dual mass flywheel & clutch,and some engine wiring loom replacing. Oh and a front wheel bearing and for this little lot they want £2000.

Firstly I have never heard that the dual mass flywheel when it's on its way out affects the turbo spooling up,please correct me if I'm wrong,I'm just feeling guilty as I looked at the car with them and thought it was a good car,and didn't think there was any noises to make me think dual mass flywheel was on its way out.

If anyone has recommendations for anywhere local my niece lives in Kettering,where I can advise them to take it for another opinion I would appreciate it,or if anyone has vag program and laptop and is savvy at reading the codes to what's  supposedly wrong with it,would be great also. Hopefully someone can help with this problem,thank you for any replies.

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Re: Golf Tdi 140bhp
« Reply #1 on: 13 February 2014, 07:39 »

AMD Tuning have a Northampton based shop, details on their contact page. The Essex shop worked on my own GTI, it's where they store and work on their BTCC cars and I would recommend them for at least getting your car checked out.

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Re: Golf Tdi 140bhp
« Reply #2 on: 11 March 2014, 18:22 »
Mine did this a few yrs back, ended up being the manifold flap or something like that...hope this helps. I've no idea what it cost as my warranty from main dealer covered it. Sorry if that's unhelpful but hopefully it'll give you something to work on..

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