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Re: 3 years away, looking for advice
« Reply #10 on: 11 February 2014, 09:52 »
Hi Jay, thanks for the info, probably going to settle for a standard 140 in the end.
Currently I'm in a 58 black vauxhall corsa ecoflex.  You'll have no trouble spotting me, I'll be the one with the brown paper bag on my head  :laugh: :laugh:
Bought the car after owning a mk4 2.0 8v, got burnt by that thing.  I could actually watch the fuel deplete as I was driving the car. So got an eco car instead, which has served its purpose, its cheap to run, insure and tax but I have grown to hate it.  After a bit of investigation, a mk5 2.0 tdi will cost almost exactly the same.
The only problem I might have selling my car privately it has some outstanding finance on it, so finding a buyer who will agree split the payment between me and the finance company might be difficult.  Heres hoping.