Author Topic: mk5 gt tdi engine note changes at clutch biting point,is this normal  (Read 3007 times)

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Hi all,

Just registering for a few forums as I am now the owner of a 2006 facelift gt tdi 140
Only thing that doesnt seem quite right is when I am in neutral and I push the clutch pedal in the engine tone seems to increase until the pedal is to the floor then when it is let out the tone increases again until the clutch pedal is all the way back up.
This seems to be only when cold,I never noticed it when I test drove the car but the engine was warm then.
I also drove it 100 miles home without hearing this noise.
Is it normal on VW clutches?

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Possible anti stall function.

I made this : ->

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mine does exactly same mines a 54 plate gt tdi 140