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Title: Remapping
Post by: tdi_blu on 07 July 2014, 17:03
My 2004 Gt-tdi has been a great car so far with no real issues engine wise,its covered 135k and Im guessing its still on its original Turbo as the turbo wistles slighly louder than a lower milage car. I have been told that when these turbos start to wistle there due to go but the guy that told me that told me that over a year ago and its still going strong. The engine is standard with no issues but I wouldnt mind a little more power so was thinking of a remap I dont intend to drive it like a Gti but just want a little more power when needed. I have been priced about £485 to refurbish the original turbo which dont sound a bad price so if it does fail I know the cost involved. Just really curious if anyone else is running there original turbo mapped with few miles on there car or is it just a case if I remap my turbos gonna die lol thanks.
Title: Re: Remapping
Post by: Rhyso on 07 July 2014, 19:58
I've mapped quite a few with over 120k on the clock and original turbo and all have been fine

Generally if they are going to go, from my experience they tend to go at lowish mileage  :undecided:

It really is luck of the draw. One lad had an A3 with just over 50k and that let go 3 weeks after I mapped it. He fitted a new turbo and hasnt missed a beat since, and that was 3 years ago
Title: Re: Remapping
Post by: tdi_blu on 08 July 2014, 23:42
Thanks for that I was thinking of selling it and buying a R32 in the mk4 but think the fuel cost is scaring me lol
Title: Re: Remapping
Post by: Dipesh2031 on 21 July 2014, 11:30
I'd say, get rid of the turbo! get yourself a nice hybrid one or a PD170 or a mk6 GTD turbo (will have much better response as it's a newer turbo, remap it, bang have like 230bhp  :drool: :whistle:

BTW a guy on ebay sells turbos and makes them, very good prices, a  few of my friends bought turbos from him and love them, but can't seem to remember the name
Title: Re: Remapping
Post by: Dipesh2031 on 21 July 2014, 11:31
he calls himself Xman, he can modify turbos to fit your car for you, would be worth giving him an email i'd say, cheaper than having your turbo refurbed.
Title: Re: Remapping
Post by: tdi_blu on 23 July 2014, 23:36
Ill bare that in mind thanks I havent had it refurbed as its fine no issues as of yet but ill weigh up my options if and when it goes thanks  :wink: