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Title: [sarcasm] Well done HIC!! [/sarcasm]
Post by: Gnasher on 18 November 2015, 08:16
Great idea I thought, to keep myself legal as I have the option of using my car to travel (a couple of times a year) to a different place to work. Not done it so far but thought 'What the hell'.

So I ring up HIC at lunchtime and enquire about the cost, which comes out at around £78. I thought well that's a bit much but I assume the usual £35 admin fee is contained in it. However I deem it too much when I can use a works car to do the journey, however this means I can't use it to make other (personal) trips while I'm away - I'll live with that for the best part of eighty quid. I stated to the operator to leave it and I'll not bother, but thanks anyway.

So I get home from work last night to a couple of emails from HIC with my new documents enclosed and detailing my mid term adjustments (that I turned down) at a cost of nearly £87 - so not only have they gone ahead with the change against my request, they've actually charged me more than originally quoted!

Cue another phone call today then!!!