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Title: front wipers work as soon as ignition on and washers squirting all the time
Post by: brand1957 on 26 July 2020, 21:21
we had this fault the other day at first was intermittent then happened every time  ignition on ....both front wipers and  washers  activate non stop had to pull fuse....well to cut to the chase it turned out to be  on the wipers stalk there is an extra  switch on the   side  for momentary   well it seems due to wear this  switch which activates when you pull the stalk towards you dosent return back to its normall resting position sits too high and  shorts  causing the front wipers and washers to run continuously we just put a thin plastic spacer  made from a spray can top and fitted it where the little nodule / pip  bit is on the stalk arm this made the  slide switch sit correctly so at last  fixed