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New GTI Edition 35 owner
« on: 06 January 2022, 11:08 »
Hi all,

Just picked up my Edition 35 yesterday, always wanted one of these cars since I discovered their existence about 4 years ago (I'm only young!). Picture below of my car, I plan on keeping it as tasteful as possible - not into massively modding cars myself I prefer to just enjoy them. Spec isn't over the top; DSG, Glendales, F+R sensors and DAB/Bluetooth radio. It has some kind of exhaust on it (yet to investigate) but it's not too loud and sounds good. Also feels friggin fast too! Faster than 235bhp definitely so I'm trying to work out if/where it has been remapped. So far in love with it though, can't recall ever been this excited about getting a car.

Few things off the bat though;
I'm wanting to add cruise control. What is needed to do this and how much will it cost? I can get access to VCDS FYI.
Anyone want black 'VW' badges for the front and back and want to swap their original chrome/silver ones? I am happy to do a straight swap.
I seem to have the RCD310 radio with DAB and Bluetooth, anyone know what is involved in swapping out to an RNS315 or RNS510 with DAB and nav?

My history of GTIs is quite funny too! Had 4 Mk5 GTIs (one of which was an Edition 30) and then this one. Mk6 is leaps and bounds better to be in than the Mk5 in my opinion however will always have a soft spot for the Mk5. Also had a stage 2 7.5R for a year and a bit which was like sh*t off a stick! Lacked a lot of character although a great car.

Anyways I'll stop rambling and great to be a part of the forum!

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Re: New GTI Edition 35 owner
« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2022, 22:44 »

4 mk5's? That's commitment! :)
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