Author Topic: MOT requirements regarding exhausts  (Read 8681 times)

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MOT requirements regarding exhausts
« on: 04 June 2016, 23:06 »
I know this has probably been asked a lot, I have searched here and other sites but am struggling to find a definitive answer, and most posts are years old so rules have possibly changed. What is now required to be checked on diesels for MOT's regarding exhausts? I read somewhere they now have to do a visual inspection for CAT and EGR IF the car had one fitted at manufacture. Is this correct, if so, does this mean all turbo back systems and EGR deletes will fail instantly? Also seen someone say the Miltek downpipes with high flow CAT and downpipes do not meet the UK specifications and will also fail. Again is this true? or is it just a case of how fussy the MOT inspector is as long as the emissions are within limits it will pass? I have been told (and have a receipt) that my CAT was cut, scraped and welded back together, the cut and weld look pretty obvious so is this likely to also fail visual inspection?

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Re: MOT requirements regarding exhausts
« Reply #1 on: 04 June 2016, 23:33 »
Down to tester. I know plenty of people who have decats without issues.
My a4 has never been failed for it