Author Topic: Admiral Classic Car Agreed Value Quote - Needs Valuation  (Read 6561 times)

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Just wondering if anyone is able to help me out here...

So I am 24, passed my test 1 year ago and then bought my dad's 1992 mk2 driver (1.6) shortly after. Obviously due to my age and lack of driving experience, insurance quotes are still quite high. However, I have been offered good prices from Admiral (followed by Elephant and Diamond - who I am told are owned by Admiral) who have quoted me a good price based on a classic car policy with agreed price. The problem is when they asked the value of the car, I told them I was unsure as my dad sold it to me at a good price so I am unaware of the actual value. They have told me to get a valuation which I am led to believe is standard practice on classic car policies. Problem is, I have no idea how or where to get this from? Can I get it from here? Or if not, can anyone give me any advice please?

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Re: Admiral Classic Car Agreed Value Quote - Needs Valuation
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I too have just been offered a classic policy from admiral. However it is an agreed value. Which means both parties must agree to the value of the car. Once you have decided how much YOU think it's worth, you will have to send pictures and details to admiral for them to see if they agree.

I have no idea on the condition of your car, but I had a look on eBay to find a few similar condition cars.
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