Author Topic: Need Modified Vehicle Insurance? READ THIS FIRST!!!!  (Read 26548 times)

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Re: Need Modified Vehicle Insurance? READ THIS FIRST!!!!
« Reply #10 on: 04 November 2013, 13:21 »
After reading this just jumped onto the comparison sites as I may have my current insurance as 'no mods', only have different alloys and carbon wrap roof this put my insurance from £650 to £810, as I planned to do some more added air box, ECU and exhaust system only increased price to £835. As a 22 year old male with 2 crashes in last 3 years on a 2010 GTI I don't think that's a bad price tbh!

As my insurance is up end of the month its worth the tiny bit extra to be covered properly I think, both those prices are from go compare and with elephant.

It may be an idea to try a modification specialist insurer as well. The comparison sites are set up predominantly for standard UK car insurance.

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Re: Need Modified Vehicle Insurance? READ THIS FIRST!!!!
« Reply #11 on: 04 November 2013, 15:11 »
I got in contact witj sky insurance today there best price with no mods was over £1200, the guy said could be because of my age with 2 crashes, he said to try again in a few years when the crashes are more then 5 years, over 25 and have more NCB and they should hopefully be cheaper... so for now elephant looks like they are getting my monies

will be trying some of the others you have listed on this thread tho as more money in pocket means more money to buy shiny bits :D

Edit: just checked for no mods and all the mods I plan, as insurance prices have gone up since I last checked the difference is £32 (£804 standard, £836 with all declared)... I only checked 3 weeks ago when I got the car and it was only £649 with no mods... increase of £155 in 3 weeks that cant be right surely??
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