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Title: mk4 1,9 tdi oil cooler problem
Post by: gedmc on 25 February 2017, 06:54
hi looking for some guidance plz  , seems  my oil cooler has ruptured & have oil in my coolant @ 1st i thought my cylinder head was the problem but checked engine oil & seems fine no evidince of water there , i took to my regular mechanic who confirmed oil cooler but couldnt get part so i have sourced it ,he also said it was ok to drive aslong as kept eye on fluids oil & what used to be coolant now oily gunge , on way home heard a pop then splash of oil came out air vent on to windscreen then in to passenger foot well after a bit of research think it prob  has been heating matrix thats popped ?looked @ videos online thinking of trying to change oil cooler myself , flushing cooling system & changing heater matrix , anybody had experience of this & should the mechanic have told me to park car up till fixed as a suspect oil pressure in the cooling side of things has been to great & popped the heating matrix & started seeping from hose's thanks in advance ged
Title: Re: mk4 1,9 tdi oil cooler problem
Post by: lemski on 25 February 2017, 08:30
Id not have driven it as the sludge will now be everywhere in the water system

Oil cooler isnt too hard to change. Take the filter off and inderneath that theres a nut undo that and itll come off. Then swap new one on and connect wat hoses back up.

While flushing the system id use brake cleaner as itll break down the oil and flush it out.  Then run water througg afterwards to get rid of anyleft over. Not that there should be though

Heater matrix ive never replaced one so cant help there but dont forget to flush the pipes through with break cleaner aswell to get evey thing.