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Title: Fog light adding and adaptation GTI MK7
Post by: jarek on 23 March 2015, 19:03
on the begining  sorry for my weak english ;o)

I'm owner of gti mk7 performance and I like to
add antifog lights becouse I didn't bought them when car was new . long   story
from  last year I am trying to make adaptation 
I think I  installed   almost all but I have problem with connecting  switch light  pin to bordnetz 
on some forum I found pin 16 Stecker C but is not empty in my car
on that position  I have pin from Automaticly light switch

from colleague from VW dealer I have electrical  diagram for my bordnetz and
it look like  should be place  stecker A pin 29 but is also filled by pin  from rear fog light

any one   ??
 all vcds work is made