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Snapped locking wheel nut!!

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i also work in the trade and remove locking wheel bolts on a regular basis, i find the easiest method is to get a large hammer and an extension bar and hit the whhel nut direcly 7-8 times first to shock the threads, i have then got the left hand taper removers and usually find that i have no problem.  a collegue actually timed me removing a full set of 4 from a ford and i did it in just under two minutes :)


--- Quote from: MofoFunk on 24 June 2009, 02:13 ---An old thread, but still.........I'm in the same boat.  The idiot who had the car before me must have welded the bloody things on because they just wont budge, two of them that is (Mk3 GTI) the 3-pin type.  The pins in the removal tool snapped clean off on trying to remove the nut.  I've tried wacking a smaller socket over it, but it just keeps spinning (even after removing the collar).  Where is the cheapest place to get a new key from?


--- End quote ---

I paid a fiver for one a couple of years back. Just go down to your local alloy wheel specialist and if you're lucky they'll have a tray of them to choose from


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