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Snapped locking wheel nut!!

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as blue said, you can try and wedga an old socket onto the bolt.  try on that is slightly smaller than the actual bolt.

^^^ yeah and bely it like a monkey!  :laugh:

cheers for the responses guys it was actually a tyre place which bust it....but they were muppets and probably made it worse trying to take it off. Will try what mix/blue said as someone else suggested that...

Count that is pretty much what mine looks like but more mashed up....yours had the same problem as mine in that the holes are no longer circular so the nut slips off.

will let you know how i go

LPG'd Oakie:
I lost the key for kine and had to weld bars onto the wheel nuts and remove them that way.

Not good!

for around £10 you could buy the proper tool which is a reverse cutting thread socket. if you live near brighton i could dig them out for you.


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