Author Topic: MK5 GTI DSG for Dummies  (Read 1855 times)

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MK5 GTI DSG for Dummies
« on: 19 July 2021, 20:10 »

As my username suggests I’ve gone and bought myself a MK5, GTI with the DSG clutch and have no prior experience with golfs. The car is on around 120k miles and has been looked after with the previous owner having done oil and changes regularly and it’s had a DSG service a few times in its life and zero rust (knocks on wood).  I’ve looked on previous posts and it mentions the cam follower being changed regularly? Is there anything else I should look out for? Also my biggest concern is the gearbox giving up, should I be concerned at this mileage and how would it cost if I had to have it replaced?

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Re: MK5 GTI DSG for Dummies
« Reply #1 on: 12 August 2021, 19:57 »
It sounds like it's been well maintained and you say it has zero rust - I'd just crack on with enjoying it! :)
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