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Up until I got my Mk6’s I worked my way through every generation of Golf and modified the suspension on all of them. Since the mk6 and mk7 days I’ve never really thought the cars needed aftermarket with the caveat that if I’d run the cars past about 40k miles the dampers would have been sufficiently worn to consider fitting new ones. If I’d fitted new ones I’d have definitely gone B6.

Albeit it all being a rather long time ago, I’ve had Bilstein, Koni, H&R, Boge and possibly others I’ve forgotten.
Koni yellows too hard, Koni FSD too spongy, H&R too hard, Bilstein yellows too hard when fitted with lowering springs (great on track though!), Bilstein black are nice but very similar to OE. Boge turbogas used to work really well with mk2 and mk3 Golfs but that’s hardly relevant here!

For modern cars running standard springs my attention would immediately focus on B6’s (and that’s nothing to do with Volkswizard!)
If I won the Euromillions it’d be Ohlins. But they be fitted to my Lambo not a poxy Golf 😁
Golf mk8 / Re: What have you done to your mk8 today?
« Last post by Exonian on 26 May 2024, 21:27 »
That was a really good read Paul70  :smiley: thanks for taking the time to write up your impressions and thoughts now you’ve fully familiarised yourself with the 8R.

My lasting memories of my (much missed) Ed40 are that lightness and nimble feel. The TCR that followed it felt more hunkered down and brawny for some reason despite the chassis being very similar and indeed further developed. Featherweight vs middleweight in feel.

My 8R is on 4K in 5 months but most of the time it’s just pootling around locally, gearbox in D or E.
I find the Race mode settings a bit too jerky and the Soundaktor horrid so almost never use that setting, but the car seems to punch well above its weight in that mode performance wise. Very aggressive! I’m a bit old and spindly for all that now so tend never to hit the R button.
Mine lacks the Special mode as I don’t have either Performance Pack or DCC. Both would be wasted on me so weren’t specced. 
I don’t find the 8R any less agile than the mk8 Clubby to be honest which would have surprised me had I not seen so many road tests. The drive mode settings on the R do seem more differentiated than the Clubsport.
The Clubsport had maybe a bit more finesse where the R can be a bit ‘two pints of Stella and pick a fight’ in anything other than the Comfort/Eco setting.
Yeah I'm sort of thinking the same, B6 is a safe mode option, brand cost ratio, if a little hard for UK B roads, but Likely fit and forget, and if you really really wanted to I guess you could later on pair them with Eibach pro springs (b12 kit) which lower 25mm (from full suspension height) and the gti is already 10mm lower so a small drop overall 15mm?? I would like to choose a UK damper option as our roads are far worse than Europe especially Germany, but not really any options without big £££ and rebuilds each year (thinking Nitron suspension).  If Ohlins did just a damper I would likely go for them but don't want the R&T coilover option they do.  The Koni FSD get mixed reviews about the inconsistent feedback so would only consider the Koni Sport (yellow).

I watch Volkswizard vid, thanks for that, but still wasn't sure on anything other than a few B roads.  I would be interested in town/slow/ road driving. I kind of know they will be better than stock when pushing on, but for 95% of the rest of the driving I'm not so sure. 
I was tempted to refresh the suspension on my ED40 which runs passive suspension. My conclusion (but did not act on it) was to go for the B6 dampers, even if they raised the ride height a few mm. Volkswizard did a install drive video around 4 months ago which is worth watching.
General discussion / Re: sell my golf
« Last post by barrym381 on 26 May 2024, 14:03 »
Hi guys! can anybody tell me the best place to sell my mark 4 golf GTI 1.8 20valve in jazz blue (very rare colour)

many thanks

Jazz blue isn’t a very rare colour in a mk4

Looking for some info on what others have done to the GTI/TCR without wanting to resort to coilovers? Car is 5 years old this year (2019 seems like yesterday to me though)  so wanting to refresh things as i think it has a little too much roll and pitch. I have had coilovers from Bilstein on other cars, but don't really want to head down that road with the GTI and want to keep the original springs. 

Searching the VW part system non DCC dampers are all the same on the front and rear regardless of GTI GTD or TCR only the springs are different which was a bit of a surprise. but with this in mind I was thinking

The default low pressure gas, I took one off today and you can push it down to the bump stop with 2 fingers pressing on the top mount and it rises back up at moderate pace. I'm sure new ones will be better although mine are not blown leaking or faulty just 5 years old.

OEM Sachs
List 1 part number to fit the entire multilink rear suspension range, being new its likely to be better than 5 year old with improvement on 5 year old dampers. definitely the safe choice

Bilstein B6
Stiff both in compression and rebound? do they pair well with GTi springs, Anyone fitted these? Did they raise the ride height at all, I have heard the high mono tube pressure in the B6 can raise it a little?

Stiff in compression but adjustable rebound so could set softer than B6 a little, but the rears need to be removed to adjust so its likely fit and forget.  Anyone tried these?
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by EB2019 on 26 May 2024, 13:16 »
New rear discs and pads fitted. Went with TRW as the hubs and edges of the discs are painted black so hopefully no more unsightly rust like you get with the OEM discs.

BTW I've seen many posts here stating that you need an ODB tool to do the rear brakes but it isn't necessary. Just remove the 2x5mm Allen bolts holding the motor to the caliper then wind back the spindle manually, you can then push back the piston.

For info, discs: p/n DF4754, pads p/n GDB1957 - both sourced from Autodoc.

Nice Karlos, perhaps someone should do a separate DIY thread for that as thats top info for Mk7 owners as the car gets older.  These endless 'what did I do' threads soak up a lot of good info, especially gems like yours, and it can get lost.
Golf mk8 / Re: What have you done to your mk8 today?
« Last post by Paul70 on 26 May 2024, 12:50 »
Love the nose to nose shot Paul70, you can really see the passed on design DNA.

How about a back to back mini review?

Took a while to post 😊

I’ve done just over 3500 miles in the R in 2 months and I really like it. It does everything very well. I love the way it looks. I wasn’t looking for an R, I had my eye on a new or nearly new RS3 but couldn’t quite stomach the Audi finance repayments - the total cost over 4 years was north of 70K. The R was then advertised by a local dealer, and the deal was done. The lower price allowed me to keep (for now) my ED40, which I picked up new in 2016.

So how do they compare? Well, even though they share the same DNA, they are very different. For a longer journey, I would choose the R hands down - it’s just far more relaxing and economical too, especially when in comfort mode. For urban driving, I would also choose the R. I am converted to DSG and don’t really miss driving a manual, it just feels natural and I like the full manual mode available in special mode so you can appreciate the engine torque.

For a spirited drive in the dry I would choose the ED40 - I’ve had the chassis geometry tweaked with some OEM mods to equal the Clubsport S without the DCC. It’s so eager to turn in and grips like a limpet. It feels so light footed and darty compared to the R and the diff does well too.

I am still surprised how much difference a single button makes to the way the R drives - the special mode is exactly what it says on the tin, the car is so much more responsive and eager. Cross country speed is epic, but it’s not as involving. It’s a bit like playing an arcade game and not as raw as the ED40, but still very enjoyable. The MK8 needs a more positive front end, it lacks the bite of the ED40 and the steering feel is simply not as good, which is a shame.

Really like the interior of both cars but the ED40 feels more special with the buckets and furry wheel. The material and finish is higher quality too. You can definitely see and feel the cost cutting on the interior of the MK8. That said, the MK8 still feels solid and is creak free at the moment. I really like the minimalist feel of the MK8 interior and this is where it makes the MK7 feel dated. I don’t even mind the haptics!

I love the IQ lights. They are so much better than the halogens on the MK7.

Plans. I will keep the R and treat it to a machine polish - one of the downsides of buying an ex-demo. I was a little concerned about oil consumption as I am sure the manufacturer running in guidelines were not followed but 3500 miles later, the oil level hasn’t changed, which I am happy about.

Golf mk7 / Re: Under bonnet sound deadining
« Last post by Finglonga on 26 May 2024, 11:22 »
Not a heat shield in any way as many cars never have it fitted. It is sound deadening and tries to hide the ticking sounds, rattles etc in the higher frequencies. Dynamat do an under bonnet kit that will work better than the OEM one.
Golf mk7 / Re: Under bonnet sound deadining
« Last post by EB2019 on 26 May 2024, 09:26 »
I looked into this recently and had my own queries about it.
I don't think isn't actually a heat shield despite what the dealer guy called it, and its not called that in the VW parts catalogue system (I have access to this for work). I think its called a sound absorber, and as mentioned the Clubsport S didn't have the sound absorber (its like paper and weighs about 300g when I took mine off).

Other vehicles on the similar platforms within VAG with vastly more power don't have these fitted as the pad retains heat under the bonnet, Audi RS3 and TTRS just 2 examples. The under bonnet temps on a 400bhp + RS3 must be way higher than the Golf. They are likely not fitted as the metal bonnet is very good at heat dissipation, as heat wants to radiate to the coolest point in all directions making it good at mitigating temp. 

IMO VW didn't need to fit them as they don't do the primary job either of reducing meaningful noise, and would have saved endless warranty replacements.  Mine has been off for months and the bonnet isn't really hotter on the long round back from Europe and the cabin isn't noisier (tyres being the primary noise at speed).  The metal on the fire wall behind the turbo appears to be for heat and has similar sound absorber behind it, and that is the correct product in that location. You could assume If VW wanted to put that on the bonnet to reduce heat they could have done, but chose to fit a sound absorber for mostly idle speed mechanical noise reduction it seems.
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