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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #80 on: 22 February 2009, 23:51 »
Well its been an interesting week to say the least.

Thursday Hoppy came down to the unit and we began to sift through the spares we amassed from the project acquastion. Then come eleven o clock at night after both being throughly shattered, rich was insistant that we sorted out my exhaust manifold, as it was blowing. This turned out to be an epic mission and we were at it till 1 int morning. The cause of my incessant ticking?! an exhaust manifold gasket on the wrong way round, i had fitted it incorrectly when i fitted the 4 branch and exhaust last weekend but considering my phone ran out of battery and i was working with no light, the fact i actually managed to fit a 4 branch and exhaust is a wonder in itself haha =D

We also fitted my lorbers and sorted the fuel guage out, as the car has been sat for some time the float has siezed in position. Sorted with a bit of wd40!

So come friday, the mission was work in the morning, then off to hyde road tyres to have the wheels tracked, and off to an exhaust place to have a c clamp put on the exhaust, one rubber an it alinging properly, after enquiring at hyde road tyres about a decent exhaust place, a mechanic offered to do it for me, and for a tenner he disassembled the exhaust, putteyed all the joins, put 2 new c clamps on and the new rubber. happy days

After that i went over to GSF to pick up some goodies

Gearbox Oil
Gearbox Shift Repair Kit
Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner
Oil Pump
G12 Coolant
Injector Seals

So off to Derby I went, got to the unit to see Karl & Yeti man.

Fitted the Injector Seals & Cleaned up the injectors, should have checked the spray pattern really but ill get round to it when i get some jars to measure the fuel volume to ensure its within specification.

Dropped part of the coolant to top it with G12, i say part of the coolant, because i was too baked and forgot about dropping the thermostate to get rid of the other 3 litres of water hahaha! doh job for another day then, but at least theres some fresh g12 in there anyhoo

and that ensued the days missions to a close.

Saturday we met up with Schneil & Rach to go to the unit and fit a new bootlid on neils GT. I decided it would be a perfect time to fit my missing linkz short sh!t kit off the deceased muppet along with the gsf shifter rebuild kit. Did the front half rebuild, leaving the gearstick side till the sunday. Didnt manage to get the gearbox oil done as the pikey'd tool for the job got merked under my hands of steel hahaha.

not to worry thats a job for this week, as ive got the proper gearbox drain tool from GSF a while back when i dropped teh oil  on beena.

anyway some piccies from the first wash and semi arsed wax after 750 miles of driving. Came up well, better than i thought it would be. There are obivioulsy a few points on attenion rust wise, underneath thte car is remarkably solid, i made a point of poking aroun everywhere when it was up on the ramps, the rear beam mounting points are perfect, the jacking points could do with more underseal as some looks like its chipped off recently and i think the passengers inner sill section requires a small patch. the front valance where the chin splitter fits on the passanger side has rotted under the trailing edge which is also where the bottom 10mm self tapped holds the bottom of the wing in place. should be too difficult a job to replace and teh rest of the front panel is solid.

Im happy enough with it anyway, its never going to be a show car, and thats not what i want either, i just wanted a sweet daily, and i do love my mk1 gtis.

anyway some piccies

Schniels GT

Looms mission - Side Stack Breadvan Exhaust =D a saf-tech production

Charlie Murphaaaaaay


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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #81 on: 17 March 2009, 02:36 »
now done 2500 miles =]

Since ive last updated the thread ive given the car a general service

new fuel pump relay
new leads
new plugs
new air filter
new rotor arm
new dizzy

fitted a single wiper with a mk2 mechanism so its not longer painfully slow!

Removed teh precarious ariel and just routed it internally as the itrip thing still works with it inside

Fitted blanks on the ariel and wiper holes

removed the crazy led purple brake light that was connected and it would flash and was distracting me let alone other drivers

fitted a polished top rad cover and nearly set the car on fire as i forgot to remove the postive from the battery and short circuited the rad cowling off the power lead to the starter haha, its amply insulated now

fitted a new earth wire on the alternator to block as it was broken =/

set up the static and ignition timing to tdc.

Also got a 610 quid tax rebate this week = WIN

so theres a few plans for the golf

Rebuilt 1.6 EG Head & Block - Cost 65 pounds = WIN
New Oil Pump
New Cam Belt
New Cam Belt Tensioner
New Water Pump
New gaskets all round
baffled aluminium sump
windage tray
magnetic sump plug

black diamond 239mm drilled non vented
ferrodo pads

got all the above service bits in the house, and ill be cleaning up and painting all the engine parts before they go back on.

Anyway the free tax rebate jobbie is going on the following

Coilovers - Ideally Wietecs/Fks/KWs or GAZ
15x7/8 Borbets


I also want to get a set of pressed plates, tint the reverse lights red and remove the rear fog light although i like using it to show f**k*rs my dissappreciation of them using thier high beamers behind me!

a cool rolling shot char got

also getting hold of some the silver gti lower side decals as mine as missing w00t which will tidy up the outside appearance a bit, especially after i swap the bonnet over for another black one we have in stock thats in far better nick paintwise (both are free of rust) and its had a good polish with some g3.

oh and last but not least, new windscreen should be fitted wednesday, ive enquired about green glass adn im just waiting for them to get back to me about it =]

woop woop

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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #82 on: 06 April 2009, 12:12 »
Well Charlie Murphy has now covered 129k miles, 4k under my ownership and its been particularly uneventful, infact the longest time ive driven a little gti around without it beruiting itself on me hahaha.

Heres a list of whats happened

GSF Shift Linkage Repair Kit
MissingLinkz Short Shift Kit
15x7 Lorbers
Oil Filter
Oil Change
Coolant Change
Magnex SS Exhaust
TSR SS 4 Branch
Corbeau Reclining Bucket Seats
Single Wiper
Fuel Pump Relay  93590 19.80
Plugs SB95015 x 4 5.00
Air Filter MMC2860 6.50
Leads 92630A
Top Radiator Cover
Remove Brake Light
Fuse box Wiring
Rust Por-15'd
Removed Ariel
Blanking Grommet for Ariel
Blanking Grommet for Wiper
Clutch Cable
Throttle Cable
Throttle Pedal Teflon Bush

127K - 06/03/2009

(2k) - 12/03/2009
Earth wire for alternator
Static Timing Set
Fuel Pump Cut Off Switch
New Green Tint Screen - 18/03
Replaced Bonnet  - 18/03
False Floor Fitted - 18/03

128K - 20/03/2009
Gearbox oil
Lithium Grease on Gear linkage
128339 (3k) - 25/03/2009
Rotor Arm - 26/03/2009
CO Checked - Fine

Armoured Door Plates 29/03/2009
Fuel Filter 29/03/2009
New Battery 29/03/2009
Coil Wiring to Fuel Pump Relay 29/03/2009
TSR Airbox  - 30/03/2009
K&N Panel Filter - 30/03/2009

TB Gasket Kellogs - 01/03/2009

129k - 03/04/2009

New Oil Pump
New Oil Filter
15w/40 oil
New Rocker Cover Gasket
New Sump Gasket
Baffled Ali Sump & Gasket
New Screen Wash Pump
New Radiator Cap
Leather Interior
New Alternator Belt

Phew! Just a bit then! hahahaha

Picked up a new engine off a friend, we both assumed it was a 1.6 GTI EG block, but upon stripping it down, I came across a few concerns. First off, is that it is actually an FP lump, which was a 1.6 Carb engine fitted to 75-77 golfs, so proper early beasts. The Head cannot be used with the GTI injection setup as its for a carb, it has no injector holes.

The main reason I picked up the engine was because my own EG gti head is due a rebuild as the tappets are noisy and I suspect the valve stem seals need replacing as a matter of course. However as I now cannot use the rebuilt head, I will have to purchase another.

That leaves me at a quandry. Does anyone know the Bore stroke and compression ratio of the FP block. Will an EG 1.6 GTI head fit on the 1.6 FP block, and still produce the same power of around 113bhp. If I cannot use the block, can I at least use the pistons in an EG block.

So the rebuilt LS 1.6 head is for sale, and the bottom end complete with brand new pistons may well be if i cannot use it for my own application.

Freshly rebuilt Head

Brand New Pistons, you can still see the part number stamped on the top

Random pic of the car

Taino & Jamesface picked up my new interior for me from cheltenham and me and chazbot embarked on an epic journey on saturday night to collect it from evesham, fuelled by pot, the worlds best fish and chip supper, ridiculous amounts of munchies, mad mooney mobster and some rude tunes, we were set! Got back early sunday morning, had a dope sleep and fitted the interior the next day.

New interior

Also been stocking up on repair panels for when the golfs goes in to get welded up.

Currently i have

Passenger Outer & Inner Sill
Drivers Full Rear Arch Repair Panel

I need to get hold of the following and then its ready to get weldamathoned

Front panel, either lower valance or complete
Rear Panel, either lower valance or complete
Passenger Rear Arch Repair Panel

anyway thats all for now, jobs for this week include fitting the following

New Black Diamond Discs
New Pagid Pads
New Fuel Pump
New Cam Belt
New Cam Belt Tensioner

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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #83 on: 16 April 2009, 01:40 »
130k - woohoo =D

fk konigs sprayed with zinc phosphate, febi top mounts

cam cover

inlet mani

thank you mr postie

chromed brake linkage

16v 9" servo and 22mm mc

laser cut 10mm exhaust mani flange

Hoping to get the following done over the week/weekend

Fit coilies
Fit Borbets
Fit new magnex exhaust 4 branch
Fit painted inlet mani
Fit new cam belt/tensioner and cam cover

eek! lets hope nowt goes wrong hehe

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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #84 on: 16 April 2009, 20:29 »
the fronts arrived today at work and i had to fit them haha, was going to go to the unit to fit the coilies but i dont want to disable the car as ive got an induction meeting with the top brass man at work =P

less talk more piccies w00t

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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #85 on: 20 April 2009, 01:03 »
Me and Karlie had a productive day on saturday.

Fitted the Front Coilies and changed the discs and pads for some black diamond x drilled and pagids to make stopping less trouser explosive.

Snapped a camber eccentric top bolt grrr but found a suitable temporary replacement.

While i was fitting the front coilies and brakes, karlos set about sorting out a few loose ends here and there, sorting out a broken white clip on the passenger seat to stop it rocking, reattached my front splitter, straighted the gti badge and fixed the wing properly into place.

sunday, i washed and polished the car and re-adjusted the bonnet so it sits proper flush.

got nufty stuff done on zee loonamon too, was a productive weekend.

anyway pic whorage time =D

and the saf

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Re: grungeisdead - "project muppet another mk1 joins the flock"
« Reply #86 on: 27 April 2009, 00:52 »
nice one hopstar - ive got a few too.

Well hopwana came up to visit in the cadster on tuesday (i think) haha was good to catch up wi him.

was an interesting day down the unit shall we say! got the fan belt off, loosened the intermediate pulley and water pump pulley bolts fannied about getting the lower timing cover off, got the tensioner off, fitted a new one which was desperatly needed as the old one was rubbing against the belt =[

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, went to fit my new cambelt, and its only the wrong it, its about 1 1/2 times the width and same for length, so i had to reuse my old belt! grrr, oh well cest la vie, new one is ordered from vw by rachy so shes a star!

anyway some pics from the evening

so on to saturday, i had grand visions of fitting my new 4 branch and new exhaust studs but i put the plans on hold, mainly because i overslept till 5 hahaha but also because i couldnt be arsed with it going wrong and if im getting the exhaust and inlet manifold off i might as well change the headgasket while im at it, turns out i think its due as ive noticed a bit of sludge collecting on my expansion cap =[ ive got a new headgasket and ill get the cambelt next weekend, so i think its definatly a job for the bank holiday weekend! All i need to get a some new head bolts and im set. oh forgot to add i got a new water pump. I would like to use the block ive got with brand new pistons but using the original bottom end and gearbox means less faffing about as i need it to be ready for reliable daily driving by the end of the weekend

So onto saturdays stuff i did do.

my drivers rear coilie is set too low and is scrubbing on most bumps, all the others are fine on any road surfaces bar mchoosive potholes but even standard cars aint safe on them.

passenger arch rear

drivers arch rear

unfortunatly my coilies seem to be a bit siezed grr and i didnt want to put any proper stress on it for fear of snapping an adjusting ring, the c spanner or merking my hands on some delightful inner arch! so i left that as a job for sunday and fitted my locking wheel bolts that id finally got out of the crashbot.

saturday night we were meant to go to a rave in worsley but as the only person who hadnt drank i was the designated driver although we were going nowhere with 3 up and that arch gap so we didnt botther in the end =[

so sunday it was fooooooookin baking and try as id like i couldnt sleep past midday cos the sun was beaming in so i set off to halfords to get some plusgas to unsieze the coilies although i completly forgot about it when i was there and came out with hermatite blue and silcion copper gasket sealent, autoglym polishing kit, clay bar kit and a machine polisher. ffs!!!

so after a burger king flex, i set out getting all 3.5 mighty raging horses in motion to help me cut my grass which was like a wee mini jungle! and set about cleaning, claybarring and polishing the car, which didnt come out too bad, the only problem is it makes you spot all the other imperfections more =[ paint imperfections i dont care about really but noticing bodged repairs and other things make me grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! i may have to offer defeat and buy a temporary daily while i do some bits and pieces on here, or at least get teh hole welded up haha! just finding time is a bastard working all week, if i could weld i would have done it as the first thing when i got her... meeshka!

anyway some piccies =]

you can see the oil patchs that have been left from a leaky oil filter housing and oil cooler take off jobbie, i took it apart cleaned it up and used a silicion copper gasket stuff on it, so tomorrow is the acid test to see if its done the job!

and two karile took just as we'd finished fitting the coilies