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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #10 on: 22 August 2007, 13:46 »

fitted in the last week

new magnecor ignition leads
new piperx induction kit
fan blower - new
aero wipers
debadged grille
polo mk5 gti grille badge
new fuel pump relay
new rotor arm
new dizzy cap
new fan belt
new throttle cable

will be fitting these this week -

new radiator
polished radiator brackets
polished radiator cover
neuspeed low temp thermostat
nuespeed 2 pole fan switch
samco hoses
g12 coolant - 6.5 litres

new oil pump
new oil filter
shrick windage tray
10w40 oil - 3.5 litres

polished coil bracket
polished door strikers

padded battery cover
stainless battery cover

power rohr
wind deflectors

quick shift throw bracket

Today had to wake up early to go get a pipe to fix my bath as a leak appeared which starting dripping into the kitchen! doh!

got the tracking done at hyde road tyres, only 25 quid, bargain! started chucking it down in spades, but luckily when i got back and sorted the leak in the bathroom the sun was still shining  so then i started messing about with the car,

drained all the oil and took the sump off, cleaned it out, took the new oil pump apart and cleaned it with paraffin and then oiled the cogs with fresh oil.

whipped off the old pump and fitted the new one, this was 2 bolts, piece of cake :)

fitted the new schrick windage tray which has an inbuilt gasket, sump and torqued up all the bolts, fitted a new washer on the sump plug and fitted a new filter noting to put a fresh bit of oil round the seal before fitting hand tight. sorted

while i was down here i fitted the quick shift bracket, i had to cut it down as it was fouling the block before but shes sweet now

topped up with synta something or other 10w40 oil 3.4 litres :-)

fitted a blue power rohr to match the magnecor leads and the 2 pole fan switch to my new radiator

will have to pop to awesome gti tomorrow in the morning and pick up the samco hoses as the ones i ordered from ebay arent going to be here for 5 weeks *sighs*  however before i set off ill change the fuel filter as it needs doing and itll be depressurised as I've not driven her since 2 on thursday

then ill come back and start re-wiring the electrics in the engine bay, tidying up a few wires in the engine bay and giving it all a degreasing with some sugar soap. once the wirings redone, fit the battery jacket and put the polished battery cover over that.

then fit the new radiator, polished radiator brackets, samco hoses, the nuespeed theromostat, top it all up with coolang and sit back and relax, smoke a spliff, enjoy the mad fancy dress party and take her for a spin in the morning.

oh in the evening walshie came round and we cruised up to preston for a low key aircooled meet with mk3rob n beckyb, the hustler was scrubbing like mad but if it aint scrubbin it aint dubbin, we scrubbed the sump plug a couple of times too hahaha, but thats what happens when the sumps lower than your mams tits! we nearly ran out of petrol but just got into the forecourt in time, thank ****! and we managed to get lost whilst cruising around on the redline barely going on fumes :-/

we also saw a merc with SAF 75 on teh number plate and a riced up civic with WALSHY as the plate, co-incidence or what!

all was well tho :D

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #11 on: 22 August 2007, 13:47 »
well today has been rather gay but productive

changed the fuel filter but one of the bolts fully snapped, have a 7 mile bike ride tomorrow to go get the part from a mate which is **** but at least ill have it!!!

disconnected the inlet pipe to the water pump to get to the themostat but those two bolts gave up the ghost as well! so i thought **** it, change the waterpump, phoned my mate at gsf and 20 minutes later a new waterpump at a very cheap price so in my hands

removing the old water pump was a since, take off the alternator belt, remove the alternator, it was three bolts, 4 bolts and the waterpump was off too. :)

fitted the nuespeed thermostat and new o-ring, same for the outlet on the new waterpump. put new bolts in on the inlet elbow

fitted the waterpump and alternator

removed the old radiators cleaned bits of the engine with some degunk and tidied a few electrical wires as they were a bit of a state, it still looks messy but hopefully is fully functional haha

fitted the old fan shroud and fan to the new radiator and mounted it with new polished brackets, fitted a polished radiator top cover too. when connecting all the hoses, the one from the expansion tank to the rad snapped, bloody old hoses, i wish the samcos had arrived! but its gonna be five weeks.... had to bike it to the local motor factors (luckily around the corner) to get a new one made up

filled up the car with 6 litres of g12, and disconnected the top inlet of the rad and let a bit of water come out and put the hose back on, to bleed the system.

put the battery jacket on and polished battery cover, just need that fuel filter bolt and ill be away grrrrrrrrrrrrr

couldnt be arsed taking any pics of the final product as it started raining but nearly done now, just need that vital fuel filter bolt and i shall be sorted :)

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #12 on: 22 August 2007, 13:47 »
Rob and walshie came round on saturday hand to give me a hand getting the car ready for VW Festival as i was still having random cut out issues.

I managed to source a near new fuel pump, accumulator and metering head off a friend for free so fitted the metering head, cut outs still happened after and once the dizzy hall sender was checked, it was only sending out one spark and none after, swapped for a new dizzy i had sitting in the back of the car and shes running sweet again, managed to make it to the festival half an hour before everyone else did cos they got lost... i did manage to get beached 3 times oops

Jobs for this week include

Autosol Mongoose Stainless Steel Exhaust - SS 4 branch manifold
Fit Mongoose Stainless Steel Exhaust - SS 4 branch manifold

Fit Polished Door Strikers

Fit New Fuel Pump / Accumulator / Warm Up Reg

Rewire electrics, windows, amp, stereo & alarm now i have my fused distribution block

Find out where I've sprung leaks :-
drivers side 1/4 light seal, needs replacing.
check sunroof draining channels & bulkhead grommets

List all spare parts for sale on fleabay!

Other Jobs that need doing soon

Fit Piper Fast Road Cam & Vernier Pulley
Re-adjust tappet shims
Polish Rocker Cover/Cam belt Cover & Others as i have spare parts a plently ready for polishing
Pick up interior from Charlie & Fit

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #13 on: 24 August 2007, 02:07 »
picking up sallys new goof in bury, quality view here shame i had a crap camera and I'm pants at taking shots at the best of times!

shes a poorly goof atm, you can poor feebs has wet herself :( she'll be back to full health soon tho yaay

couple of snaps in didsbury when i went for lunch, you can see the nice mud splatter, beenas trophy after the weekend at vw festival getting beached and dragging the chin splitter with her

went to go save sal as a water pipe burst on the golf as i was getting onto the mancunian way i spotted these two fomos... i hope they broke down but unfortunatly its more like 2 new traffic cop mobiles on the beat... damn

went down to derby to see charlie, had a looms scrappie run and we managed to poice 4 brown mk2 golf doorcards, polo drivers mirror, mk2 golf ignition coil, 22mm master cylinder, induction piping, golf mk2 arch trim. there was loads of nice cars there, 1 mk2 golf that came in with a headgasket failure but was mint bar that, it was gonna be crushed :(

a small light mk1 W reg, fully f**ked but the rear panel could easily be cut out and saved...

a few pics of the day up until then

started messing about on the derby, removed bonnet, wipers, grill, 2 bolts rounded off in the headlights, rear lights, bumpers and arch trims. i had to get angle grinder happy with a few f**ked screws, showed charlie how to work her generator after we scratched our blonde heads for about 20 minutes...

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #14 on: 24 August 2007, 02:07 »
moved loads of random odds and sods about from garage to garage....

its been a long time since I've last seen dennis, on our first encounter charlie could have died when a wheel came off the derb, loads of random mini missions have happened with the car but hopefully its not rivaling the silver bastard yet although we did find some rot today :( nothing a bit of tlc cant sort...

true to form I've got plenty of fresh cuts and bruises :(

went and washed the cars at a car wash, met a new friend called jet with an audi coupe, apparently weve both inspired him to keep it as its going in the paper saturday for sale, but after seeing our two cars hes determined to make it a minter, go on son!

did our best attempt at some trick photography, but I'm lame hahahahaha! and we were too baked and lazy to go anywhere other than 2metres away from charlies house haha

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #15 on: 24 August 2007, 02:08 »

so ive got my new interior, will be fitting all that this weekend, along with rewiring the sub, amp, alarm, electric windows, radio and central locking... hoping to get my ss manfold fitted to replace the mild steel one already fitted and fitting the new ss mongoose exhaust. yay will be doing that at the nwvag preparty saturway whilst drinking heavily and being chronically stoned  :smoke:

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #16 on: 26 August 2007, 17:16 »
spent friday and saturday fitting the new interior, took all the seats and carpets out, started laying down the new wiring for the alarm, windows, stereo and sub, hoovered all the carpets and refitted them after duct taping all the wiring down

(the wiring pictured was teh old wiring, i didnt take pics of teh new wiring)

gotta cover the speaker pods in acoustic carpet and then shes all sweet...

we went to the nwvag pre edition 38 party and then off to the birch meet which was just downt road

and no my photography hasnt got any better.

rob has a sign ont driveway... dub parking all others will be towed away (very apt!)

the nwvag mascot

nwvag reppin at the birch meet

nwvag doing the in meet pitstop :p

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #17 on: 03 September 2007, 18:44 »

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #18 on: 03 September 2007, 18:45 »
the friday: woke up at 7:30  :shock: we put the aitwes on pheebs and took her to hyde road garage to get the tracking done, she proceeded to wee on the mechanic, one jubilee clip later and we had the tracking done and one cured leak hehe


and the only other two at the show i got

this rude golf with a 1.9t golf parked next to us so i ordered he open his bonnet :)

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Re: grungeisdead - mk1 misfortune
« Reply #19 on: 08 September 2007, 23:08 »
well had a top weekend at e38,

loads of parts arrived this week...

so far i have

fitted DB Audio T-Rex 6.5" co-axial speakers in the rear,

got my bosch merc injectors and fitted them to mint braided fuel hoses, got new seals from gsf

old injectors

new bosch part no's, avail of ebay.

fitted to the hoses

fitted the brand new eibach 23.5mm arb on tuesday after work, before the nwvag meet. what a complete mission that was on my own, recruited some help from my housemate and its in and sweet as a nut...

I'm rather annoyed at the 2 poly bushes that go in the middle of the car on the clamps, the have a small ring in the centre that just gets in the way with the enlarged bar. I'm sure this needs cutting out but  I've pikeyed the clamps in for now. next week ill take those two bushes out, cut em down and fit them properly ;)

but now the car is so tight that on a 90 degree turn the rear cocks it leg, f**kin a :D

heres the old polybushed front arb i removed.

my exhaust manifold is also seriously blowing so needs changing asap for that stainless beasty...

and lastly I'm losing alot of oi! but no marks anywhere really bar at the back of the engine, I'm guessin the sump from where i fitted the windage tray as a didnt use longer bolts, tighten it up tho and itll be reet.

new heater matrix, front lower strut brace and heater valve arrived...

also painted up my  teh lucas 54 calipers, its a saf special paint job but it does the job muhahaha

sal came over today and we went down to a couple of scrappies, spotted a mk4 and mk6 polo both baseish models, golf mk3 estate and gl. couple of mk2 and mk3 gtis spotted some g60 calipers, and a fair few rear disc conversions :D

might go back for some...

got my timing set up properly with a light gun, it was only out by a couple of degrees but its bang on now. one of my exhaust manifold bolts has snapped off someone elses pikey attempt at getting it off...

gonna phone my mate martin tomorrow whos an abosl*te beast, I'm sure he'll be able to rock it out :D

also the vacuum pipe that comes from teh rocker cover was just attached to nothingness so i went to a fishing shop to get a tee piece connecter. the guy there pulled up this random crack box with odds and sods in and was looking for ages , he coudnt find it so i went into the car and he comes runnig out, gives me one...

me: legend mate, want a quid for it?

him: f**k offfffff!

nice one got it for free schaweet, so its now connected via a teepiece from my dizzy vacuum which is also connected to the TB. werd

anyway fitted new injectors, fuel hoses that arent frayed and a cold start valve, the old injectors were dirty as and the seals were absolutely shot!

eibach 23.5mm arb - took a picture as i never bothered before

omp front lower strut brace which is pissing me off trying to fit arghhhhhhhh its like 3mm too short!!!