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Trackers for gti-t
« on: 27 March 2003, 23:07 »
On tuesday some little f**kers broke into my house and stole my car keys and then my car, fortunatly the old bill found  it today (With a few scratches down it, wayne kerrs)  So i was wondering if anyone knows of any decent trackers that can be fitted??? I know it sounds OTT but any one who has had a car nicked will tell you how annoying it is. It didnt help matters that i have only had the car about a month!!!!
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Re: Trackers for gti-t
« Reply #1 on: 01 April 2003, 19:17 »
It all depends on your budget but I was looking at some tracking devices for mine and I thought the RAC ones looked good, I think one of them was about ?400 fitting set-up and then ?99 per year after that. This is, believe it or not, one of the more competitively priced ones and is recognised by all insurance companies.

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