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This might be useful for everyone as well. - goto Tech section

Covers VW Technotes, Techtips and Tech Procedures (whatever you call them!)
A1, A2, B1, B2, BX, Fox, Golf, Cabriolet, Rabbit, Scirocco, Jetta, Dasher, Quantum, and Corrado
Blue links go to technote, black bold means coming soon!

General Tech Tips
VW Links - Links to other great VW related sites, parts and forums. None of this is paid for, it's just respect around here!

Tools - This technote explains the importance of good tools, which ones you want, and which ones you need.

All about Oil - Includes oil viscosity charts and information, oil change, and oil filter types and wrenches

Basic Ignition Maintenance - Replace your spark plugs, cap and rotor, and information on plug types.

Gasoline - General Information on Gasoline, Grades, Octane, wholesale gas, running out of gas and pinging.

Basic Tire Maintenance - Tire pressure, Nitrogen, tread wear, traction ratings, and sizing information.

Fuses and Relays - Fuse Panel information, including relays and fuse ratings for your car

Lighting Technotes
Light bulb Guide - Bulb charts, and information on bulb manufacturers.

Headlight Relaying Guide - Give your headlights a power boost, or properly hook up European or higher wattage headlights.

BMW e30 Headlights for Mk1 Scirocco - Give your mk1 Projectors - You can also do it to a mk2 Scirocco with the technote below

Round Headlights for Mk2 Scirocco - Put Mk1 Scirocco headlights in a Mk2 Scirocco - for an old-school look

Euro Headlights for Mk2 Scirocco - It makes a huge difference - both in looks, and in lighting quality.

Smoothing Taillights - Smooth the ridges out to polish the taillights for a clean look.

Electrical Technotes
Fuses and Relays - Fuse Panel information, including relays and fuse ratings for your car

The Definitive Starting Guide - How to get your car that won't start started!

Ignition Systems in Detail - How the Hall sender works, Coils, types of wires, troubleshooting and knock sensors.

Add a Better Ground (-) - Fixes many random electrical problems, and helps everything in the car work better.

Alternator Tips for 8v and 16v engines - Fixing charging problems, updating to a 90A alternator, Brackets and pulleys.

Oxygen Sensor & Air/Fuel - Fix the 'wavy' idle, then adjust your air to fuel ratio and pass emissions.

Fuel System Technotes
All About Throttle Bodies - Install a new throttle body with larger butterflies for better airflow.

Cleaning the CIS Airflow Sensor - Clean the Airflow sensor for better running and cleaner fuel.

CIS Troubleshooting - COMING SOON! - Fix weird running problems, clean up emissions, and fix fuel issues.

Cone Filter for CIS - How to adapt the CIS system for a cold air intake.

Megasquirt Electronic Fuel Injection - Building, Installing, wiring, tuning, and programming the Megasquirt EFI system. This technote covers CIS, CIS-E and Digifant cars. (UPDATED LATE 2006)

Body and Wheels
Fiberglass Repair - Fix a broken body kit piece, wheel arch or front spoiler.

Replacing the Windshield/Seal - for the older non-bonded, press-in style windshields used on A1 Cars.

Plate Holder for Mk2 Scirocco Nifty License Plate mod with parts from a VW Quantum.

Fixing the Sunroof - Make that sunroof work like new. Fix leaks and Hard to move sunroof mechanisms.

Interior Technotes
16v Roof Antenna - Installing that nifty roof antenna!

Custom Gauge Faces - You want white gauges? How about red? Make 'em yourself! (with PSD Gauges Download)

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Instrument Cluster Bulbs - Replace burned out bulbs, change colors, and fix the cluster foil.

Installing a three gauge Panel - Information at your fingertips!

Odometer Repair - Odometer stopped or broken? It's a common VW problem. Make it work again!

Seats - All about the front seats in our cars

Make a Rear Cargo Panel - Hide some 6x9 speakers here for stealthy good sound.

Stereo Information - Wire colors and more...

The Definitive Starting Guide - Won't Start? Start here (Pun intended.)

A1 Engine Mounts - Stop that evil vibration, and replace A1 engine mounts!

Installing an Exhaust System - Free Flow Exhaust is an important first step in making lots of power.

Oil System Notes - Everything about your oil system, including the pump, pan gasket, filters, and more

Oil pressure Sender - A much requested technote on the VDO oil pressure gauge and sender install.

1.8T Swap information - General info about putting the Mk4 or Passat/Audi 1.8T engine in your A1

Belt Reference - Belts, Configurations, Part Numbers, and lengths - all in nifty vector diagrams.

Timing Belt - Info on converting from the old style tensioner to the new, and timing information

3A Engine Swap for B1 Platform Dasher - The Audi 3A 2.0L 8v engine - Technote by greggearhead

Complete Coolant System - Everything about your cooling system, including heater core, water pump for Early A1 with A/C and more.

The Vintage Watercooleds Engine Code Database - THE database for ALL VW engine codes. Some Audi engines too!

Passing Emissions Help - Improving emissions, also includes last-ditch techniques for when you just need to pass

Transmission, Drivetrain and Clutch
Replacing the Clutch - Do it yourself - For one of the hardest jobs in the car, includes more than 100 pictures.

Clutch Cable Replacement - Replace that cable before it snaps, easy, but effective!

020 Transmission Gear Oil - Not as hard as you think - it's easy! Reduce grinding and extend the life of your transmission.

Axles Technote - Coming soon, details the 90mm vs. 100mm difference, and looks at economic viability of replacing joints or axles.

Wheel Bearing Technote - Coming soon, replacing wheel bearings on all four wheels.

Rear Disc Brakes for A1 - Add disc brakes to the back wheels (Very similar for A2 cars as well)

10.1" Front disc Rotors - for A1 - Bigger Rotors for the front wheels too

Installing a 22mm Master Cylinder - For your bigger brakes, also covers proportioning valve information.

Steering Troubleshooting - Wondering, Wishy-washy steering?

Strut Information - All about suspension. More to come soon.

Replacing A-Arm Bushings - Replace the bushings to keep shaking and weird noises down.

Replacing the Ball Joints - Fix Wobbly steering, and fixes a car that follows cracks or ruts in the road.

Installing Upper front and Rear Stress bars - For Better Handling, and a stiffer body, a great first mod.

B1 Front Suspension - Installing better springs

B1 Rear Suspension Installing better Springs

Replacing A1 Rear Axle Beam Bushings - Reduces clunking, makes sweeping turns more smooth.
Old Skool Mk1 Golf Gli (82), Mk1 US Cab 85 and 83

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More useful links for everyone:

Mk1 owners club club - look down the Left hand side of the site for Technical section - covers subjects;

Engine Conversions
Gear Ratio Guide
Gearchange Linkage
Fuel Injection
Fuel Filler Neck
Brake Upgrade
Fitting Coilovers
Locks and Keys
Also the forum covers everything mk1 owners :)

Everything mk1 Cabs, Cabriolet, clippers - now hosted at

Also mk1 site - created to provide fellow Mk1 enthusiasts with the most collective information on the various Mk1 Volkswagen models - forum/club

FAQ on Mk1's golfs -
FAQ on mk1 cabs -
FAQ on old skool SCIROCCOS

mk1 hoods


General car maintenance bibles

VW Turbo
02A & 02J Gearbox Mounts
1.8T Engine Mounts (cambelt side)
280mm Bake Adapters
as well as other useful conversion info
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Old Skool Mk1 Golf Gli (82), Mk1 US Cab 85 and 83