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« on: 09 January 2007, 21:26 »
hi am a named driver am a bit confused on my mothers policy,

i had a accident last year minor one.

so do where it says under main drivers info have u had any accidents in last 5 years do i say no.

and then when it asks for my details do i put yes int here.
also my motherhas protected 5 years ncb so there not affected.

also in my accident no one was injured and i did not claim for it however the other one obviously did we both denied fault and it was deemed my fault as i was in reverse, however as i did not claim for any damage as my car was hardly damaged it was onlya  little bump so did not ask for my car to be fixed. so  do i choose 1 accident but no claims made?

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Re: query
« Reply #1 on: 10 January 2007, 10:57 »
Hi mate,

Yeah i would put the claim under your details if you are the named driver of the policy as it was you driving and you do need to put claim made if the third party has made a claim against you. You may also be asked how much the other driver claimed against you so you will probably need to get in touch with the insurer you where with at the time to get the information.

I hope that makes sense  :smiley: