Author Topic: Top up electric hood with hydraulic oil for mk1 golf cabriolet 18/01/2011  (Read 13328 times)

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Top up electric hood with hydraulic oil for mk1 golf cabriolet...

1. Use a hex wrench to open the oil filter plug on the electric pump in the boot area of the mk1 cab (passenger side)

2. Add oil through the filler hoe until the level indicated is between the MIN and MAX marks

Hydro oil spec: VW G 002 500


Hydraulic oil level must be with the top lowered, in the open poisition. Oil level is slightly lower with the top closed.

3. Reinstall the filler plug, leave it slightly loose, just enough to allow air to slowly escape

4. Insert the key in to the ignition switch, but do not switch the ignition on

5. Actuate the power top switch to raise and lower the top four or five times. End this step with the top lowered in the open position.

6. Recheck the fluid level and correct it as necessary

7. Tighten the oil filler plug

Job done 

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