Author Topic: MK4 1.8T Air Con Fuses/Relays  (Read 9507 times)

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MK4 1.8T Air Con Fuses/Relays
« on: 11 July 2006, 14:14 »
Aan anyone tell me where i will find the Air con relays/fuses? (MK4 GTi 1.8T)
Fully charged the system yet it's still not working.
Please help as it's getting HOT HOT HOT!!

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Re: MK4 1.8T Air Con Fuses/Relays
« Reply #1 on: 12 July 2006, 17:22 »
Hi, the fuse for the air con is with all the other fuses on the side of the dash (drivers side). Open the drivers door, you'll see a removable plastic cover. I can't remember what number the fuse is, it's not labelled air con, it just has an exclamtion mark on it i think. I'll have a look tonight and post back tomorrow.

The same thing happened to me last year, in my case the wiring to the compressor had corroded away so the compressor wasn't getting any power. Might be worth you checking that. Follow the two wires back from the compressor to the multiplug and check they haven't broke. I've also read that the compressors can fail on MK4s - you should hear a definate click from the engine compartment when you switch the air con on. If not and it's not the fuse/wiring/lack of gas then it's probably the compressor.

P.S. Mines got Climatronic, so all the above applies to that, i presume it's the same if you just have normal air con.

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Re: MK4 1.8T Air Con Fuses/Relays
« Reply #2 on: 12 July 2006, 18:05 »
Fuses are located on the dash on the drivers side on the bit that is covered up with the door. There isnt a relay for A/C but there are fuses:  F5 7.5amp A/C, F16 10amp A/C compressor clutch, F25 25amp A/C blower motor and A/C. Alot of these compressors die after a few years usually to do with the A/C clutch so your might just be screwed.
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Re: MK4 1.8T Air Con Fuses/Relays
« Reply #3 on: 12 July 2006, 21:25 »
PaulMK4GTI - thanks for the tip on the wiring = just checked it and the air con now works (slightly corroded) thanks really appreciated!!! :smiley: :grin: