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Jakethesnake180 - Retro Resto
« on: 13 October 2012, 23:08 »
Can someone move this to the projects page please.

I thought its about time I set something up to document my latest project.

In May this year I bought this Mk2 GTI 16v with a view to restoring it whilst finishing work on my house.
Im no stranger to a decent project having done a body off on a 77 Triumph Spitfire a few years ago and a few Honda track toys (yes I am a converted Honda nut  :grin:) and an 86C bready 1ltr ratlook uni run around on banded 6N polo steelies.

The spec of the car when I bought it is as follows:

Car has been stood unloved for a while, at least 8 months
Solid underneath and has not had any welding.
Standard 16v K-Jet complete with oil and water leaks from various parts - drilled airbox Grrrrrrrrrr :angry:
Full stainless powerflow exhaust.
Lowered on cheap springs.
Clean 14" bottle caps
Original Golf leather with doorcards etc (drivers seat a bit tatty)
Manual mirrors, windows etc.
Manual sunroof (held up by 2 blocks of wood)
No tax, MOT just run out.
Boot full of bits and a spare engine and gearbox

Drove the car home and it actually drove quite well to say how long its been stood; however brakes are toast and the gear stick is like mixing a bag of spanners. Its literally pot luck if you get a forward gear!

Progress has been slow due to work and finishing the house but Im spending more and more time on it now.
However I have been collecting parts including;

Set of braided fuel hoses as the ones on the car are rotten
Front arches to replace the ones on the car which have missing tabs
Complete working replacement sunroof.
Mint G60 front brake carriers.
15" Porsche Teledials (bargain at 100 quid with brand new Avons, sold the tyres on ebay for £130 as the profile was too big so free wheels  :grin:)
G60 un-molested parcel shelf
Un-broken shelf supports (curtosy of Lewy at GTI Festival tomorrow  :grin:)
Replacement jacking point covers (again Lewy at GTI festival tomorrow)

Some poor quality images are below;

Jobs done so far

Stripped and rebuilt front suspension and brakes
New wishbones and drop links
New top mounts
Seam sealed and undersealed under arches and bottoms of chassis legs and painted all components
G60 brake upgrade with new discs and pads
20mm adapters and refurbed Teledials painted Vauxhall Star Silver.
New Battery
Replaced starter motor

I love the wheels but dont know if they suit the car, I think I will end up swapping them eventually!
What do you guys think?

Jobs to do in the near future;

A really good clean inside and out and degrease under bonnet.
Back brake and suspension refurb and painting to match front.
Major engine service including rocker cover, inlet manifold and oil cooler gaskets and fit new braided fuel hoses.
New water pipe needed (the metal one that runs along the front of the block).
Fit replacement sunroof.
Repair front fog lights. Missing wiring and smashed up.
Repair loose front bumper
MOT and tax

Jobs to do next year;

Full paint job and tackle the bits of bodywork that need doing
I think ill eventually go for a 2ltr ABF when my garage is built but at the moment the car is stored outside.

Cheers All

Update from this weekend so far,

Stripped rear suspensions and brakes to find that it has had some new rear calipers recently.
Freed everything off and new discs, bearings and pads.
Cleared out a shoe box full of road grime and crap from around the filler neck and undersealed the arches.
No major rot at all which is good news.
Started rebuilding this afternoon but lost the light so will finish tomorrow and upload some pics.
Getting closer to MOT time  :grin:

Another update last week 1st Nov
I had a couple of days off work so set to the car with a view of getting it MOT'd and taxed so I can use it.
As mentioned above the car has had the following so far;

G60 front brake upgrade with new discs and pads
New rear discs and pads
New front wish bones, arb drop links,
arches undersealed
New top monts
New drivers track rod end.
Replaced parcel shelf supports and parcel shelf.
Refurbed 15" Teledials on Uniroyals with 25mm adapters and aftermarket centre caps with dice dust caps.

Work done over the Thursday and Fridayready for MOT;

A really good wash including De-Mould of all the window rubbers etc.
Water system drained and flushed
Oil drained and flushed.
Washer fluid drained and flushed.
New DOT 4 brake fluid.
Oil, air, fuel filters
Plugs, Dizzy cap, Rotor arm, Leads
Rocker cover gasket
Tapets set
Inlet manifold gasket
Oil leak from oil cooler
4 x water leaks from oil cooler and various hoses
Full gear linkage rebuild kit including ball and relay shaft. (transformed the car!!)
Repaired horn wiring
Repaired number plate bulb wiring after some idiot bodged a bulb onto bare wires.
Head light bulb
Re-secure front bumper.
Re-seal back lights to dry out the boot.

Then it was MOT time :-)

Unfortunately it still failed on the following

CO at 4%    ooops
Excessive play in pass side track rod end

Front brakes binding
Oil leak from engine (remains of the various oil leaks already cured)

So i sorted the mixture on my gas analyser and re-set the tick over speed.
Ordered a track rod end only to realise that it was the original VW part which is a one piece track rod at a preset length so I had to special order the whole lot.
Stripped the front brakes and sanded more off the G60 pads that I fitted using the original 16v calipers.
Engine de-grease to get rid of the remnants of old oil and years of road grime.
And it passed :-)

My first proper drive in her was awesome and I was impressed with the power.
It doesnt feel quite as quick as my old CRX VTEC but much more Torque than the Honda as they are both valvers.
Love being back in a car with character again. Much more fun than my 54 plate Beemer.

Next jobs on the list.
A really good clean out inside
Winter proof the body work issues until I tackle them next year.
Research getting the front leather seat bases recovered.
Strip and refit arches and sill covers with proper fixings. Not duck tape like the previous owner lol
Fit replacement jacking point covers (Thanks Lewy)
Fit replacement front arches with tabs intact (sat in my loft waiting to be fitted)
Fit replacement manual sunroof (in my loft waiting to be fitted)
Source replacement plastic under bonnet rain tray.
(What ever posessed Volkswagon to make them out of yogurt pots is beyond me???)

Photo updates soon. For some reason I cannot reply to my build thread; only modify the previous post???

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Re: Jakethesnake180 - Retro Resto
« Reply #1 on: 26 November 2012, 22:56 »
Well car has been running great over the last few weeks of me using it on and off . . . . . . . .
until last weekend.
Took it shopping with the mrs and it died on the way home . . . . . . however I nearly died of boredom shopping too!

Got to a roundabout 2 minutes from home after approx 50 miles round trip and there was an odd ticking from the glovebox followed by lots of backfiring and misfiring then death!
It started easily but would not tick over or rev and the fuel pump wouldnt prime intermittently.
Left it 10 minutes and it started fine, drove it home witout an issue.

Its started and run fine every time since.
I had the bottom of the dash off this weekend but couldnt find anything obvious so I suspect the fuel pump relay.
I have one on order and will swap it them keep the old as a spare.

Also fitted these over the weekend as mine were smashed up and cloudy.

They are really good quality for none VW parts.

Next job for me is to fit my 2nd hand sunroof and buy a new rain tray from VW.

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Re: Jakethesnake180 - Retro Resto
« Reply #2 on: 19 January 2017, 15:18 »
After 5 years I though I would post again on the super slow progress that's been made :grin:.
Back in 2012 I got the car through an MOT and used it for a year.
The motor smoked like a chimney, sucking gallons of oil through the stem seals and through the rings but I had a right laugh.
March 2013 came and I had the idea of stripping the car, rebuilding the 190K miles KR motor and tidying the body up.
I sourced all the parts and set to work.

The last 5 years has contained the following for me and my neglected Golf:

1 x complete house renovation with most of the work carried out by me including re-wiring, re-plumbing and re-plastering throughout.
1 x large double garage build for him to live in.
2 x Work Promotions.
1 x Marriage and Honeymoon
1 x House move to a bigger pad.
1 x New Kitchen including wiring, plumbing and building work.
and most recently a job change.

Things have changed for the Golf too.
The car was originally going to be a bog standard tidy KR 16v keeping the leather interior etc.

Spec list so far all DIY:

Engine and Bay
Rebuilt ABF running std K Jet including new rings, seals and bearings throughout.
New Waterpump
Skimmed and rebuilt ABF head with new guides and valves de-coked and reground.
SKF Head Bolts.
Continental Cam Belt Kit.
SKF Head Gasket
HEL Performance Braided Injector Hoses (not shown)
Rebuilt 020 gearbox with all new syncros, bearings and seals.
Full VW Gear Linkage Repair Kit.
VW Heritage Short Shift Bar
MK3 Weighted Shift Bar
Lighter KR Flywheel fitted and New ABF Clutch Kit.
New Speedo Cable
New LHD Steering Rack Boot from VW Heritage. (Fits the RHD manual rack fine)

G60 master cyl
Refurbished servo
New Cupro Brake Lines throughout
Brake Lines routed up away from exhaust manifold.
Black Diamond Braided Hoses
Reconditioned G60 280mm Calipers and Carriers.
New Std Rear Calipers
Brembo Discs and Pads Throughout.

Refurbished Manual Rack.
VW Heritage Poly Rack Mounts
Stainless Rack Mount Bolts
VW Heritage Track Rod Ends

Eibach -30 Springs
Bilstein Shocks
G60 Front Top Mounts
VW Heritage Poly Rear Top Mounts
Refurbished and Painted Rear Beam
Refurbished Front Wishbones
Full Superpro Polybush Kit
Powerflex Black Edition Front Cross Member Mounts
New ARB Droplinks
New Ball Joints
Front Subframe and Upper and Lower Cross Members Shot Blasted and Powdercoated.
VW Heritage G60 Steel Wheels with Toyo Proxi T1R

Cast KR manifold Heatwrapped
Heatwrapped Stainless KR Downpipe (no need for any modifications)
Powerflow Front Pipe Back Stainless Exhaust
All New Clamps and Mounts.

All Bolts, Fasteners and Hose Clips have been replaced for either Stainless or BZP where possible.

Jobs Left To Do
Get It Running Properly
Plastic rear Windows
New Windscreen
New Front Window Mechs
Fabricate Custom Lightweight Door Cards
Carbon Sunroof Blank
Full Strip, Buckets and Harnesses.

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Re: Jakethesnake180 - Retro Resto
« Reply #3 on: 19 January 2017, 15:37 »
Did not expect that. 5 years id have expected it sold and gone. Looks good though