Author Topic: HOW TO: Install BMC CDA Induction Kit - VR6  (Read 4607 times)

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HOW TO: Install BMC CDA Induction Kit - VR6
« on: 20 August 2010, 11:10 »
Thought i would do a write up as i had trouble with this.

The BMC CDA Kit comes as a universal kit, which means it isn't a direct fittement. (Which confused me as i didn't realise it!)

1. Remove Old airbox. I unclipped the top half, then wriggled the bottom half out. then gave it a quick clean of any debris.

2. Hose connection. Due to it being universal, you need to join the Kit with a hose. I got an 83mm hose from here: connect this to the engine side of the Kit, like so:

3. Connect it back up. Then connect the hose back up, tighten the jubilee clips and your good to go.

Here is mine all connected up:

You get a better sound if you don't use the cold airfeed i've been told.
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Re: How to: Install BMC CDA Induction Kit - VR6
« Reply #1 on: 20 August 2010, 18:38 »
Good write up :afro: This will be very useful for anyone who hasn't installed this kind of thing before :afro:
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