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Mk7.5 GTi PP
« on: 31 March 2021, 10:56 »
Hi all,

I fully expect this will have been answered numerous times but I've searched and can't actually find what I want.  Any links to previous posts would be appreciated if this has been discussed before.

Mk7.5 Golf GTi Performance Pack - does anyone have any comparisons for stage one remaps?
I'm really interested in the APR Remap which I know can be done at KMS Motorsport (I've been recommended them by a friend).

I know there are loads of other options and it's can be a really subjective topic - but just wondering if anyone has any rolling road results etc to give direct comparisons?  Or anyone used different maps daily and give me any advice.

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Re: Mk7.5 GTi PP
« Reply #1 on: 31 March 2021, 11:28 »
The two main ones are APR and Revo, I think, in terms of national presence. I think the one to go for is the one you can get support at closer, to be honest. APR used to be too boost-heavy, but I think they've fixed that now. I think APR does produce more power. For me, I'd go Revo, as they are closer, and the garage that does it gets really good reviews.

I believe APR offer a low-torque map, to preserve your clutch, if that's something you're concerned about (manual?). Not sure if Revo do.

There are others which are apparently really good, but they're only offered in individual locations. I believe there's a Unicorn Motorsport in Manchester or thereabouts? But I'm nowhere near there.

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Re: Mk7.5 GTi PP
« Reply #2 on: 31 March 2021, 14:02 »
Welcome Fozzy  :smiley:
You don’t work for KMS by any chance do you?  :laugh:

As sjv says, APR or REVO have a good dealer network and aftercare support too.
I’ve had a few REVO maps in the past which were very good, I’ve yet to try APR.

There haven’t been any back to back comparison mk7.5 GTI remap threads here that I remember. Different maps on different rolling roads on different days will give different results. Looking at the graphs supplied by the tuning companies will give an idea but there’s a lot more to it than that. What looks great in 2D graphs might not be so good on the road, especially when you’re not driving flat out.

Going to a good local dealer is always recommended and therefore you already have your answer.

There is much more tuning discussion on Golf R’s as they’re more tune friendly (more turbo headroom and no traction issues) but so long as you don’t expect it to rev into the stratosphere and focus more on mid range punch then you’ll have a very fast real world car with a stage 1 GTI.
I’m sure you’ll get some good feedback here from people that have had one map or another but very few will have tried more than one unless they have a friend with a different map.

You’re not going to go far wrong with APR that’s for sure.
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Re: Mk7.5 GTi PP
« Reply #3 on: 31 March 2021, 15:49 »
I’ve got Revo and very very happy with the map and the dealer who did it. I can’t say how yours would be as mine is a TCR. Dyno will give you the graph but that’s not real world performance and depends on the ambient temp on the day you have it. Wait till winter and you’ll get a good high figure than in the summer.

I used to run gas fired power stations and we used to see a massive drop in output in the summer and really hot days we could lose as much as 10-20%!

I got some good words of advice from here and the garage I used that it’s about real world and what suits you. My Revo in eco is just like stock and easy normal driving. I’m manual sport it a beast, and in the wet! Well that’s a lot of fun wheel spinning to 60 🙈🤣
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