Author Topic: Putting the feelers out there... MK7 GTI PP 2014 (64) DSG 5 door (carbon grey)  (Read 551 times)

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum but thought I’d tell you a story of my experience owning my first VW which I have loved. But with regret I am thinking of selling it as my recent increase in miles to work is only racking up the miles and it’s not economically viable.

So I was driving normally when EPC and EML came on and straight away felt like a misfire. so I plugged in DTC reader. Misfire cylinder 4, I swapped the coil packs round to see if the misfire moves cylinder and then the same with the plugs but still misfire stays in cylinder 4, so it gets towed to Lookers VW by AA.
Initially they (vw) carried out diagnostic check and confirm misfire cylinder 4. But need to do more removal of components ie inlet manifold, fuel injections etc. VW then carried out compression test and I was told that cylinder 4 has no compression
So now required a 16+ hour labour engine strip down. On carrying out the strip down VW found score marks in cylinder 4 on wall of cylinder, also the valves on cylinder 4 had got really hot so the metal had tarnished white.  the piston rings on cylinder 4 had broken up and caused too much damage for repair so engine replacement was needed. After a long drawn out battle with warranty back and fourth and 8 weeks later I got my car back with a new short engine, (cylinder head and block) receipts to prove over £9k in parts, Luckily I bought my car from a used dealer and was in warranty so I haven’t had to pay a penny. Not what you expect from a car that has covered only 39,000 miles!  That was October 2019, fast forward today and the car has now done roughly 46,000 miles mostly motorway.
I have done all the maintenance myself including DSG service, spark plugs and premature oil changes which I keep a record of.

I am trying to gauge how much it’s worth and any interested buyers out there as it’s had a new engine, I understand the car is still 6 years old, however having a new engine fitted by VW (with a 2 year parts warranty) it might attract interest from an enthusiast.

The car has H+R hubspacers & lowering springs fitted 

I can post pictures soon, any questions please get in touch

Thanks for reading