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Hello, Mk6 GTI Owner
« on: 19 November 2020, 22:37 »
Hello, grateful to be accepted onto this forum.
I've been a long term reader, just never joined. Looks like a fantastic group with great inputs.
Unfortunately things have gone pretty wrong with the car, but I thought I would introduce myself before jumping right in about what happened on a new topic (you can probably guess...!)

2010 Golf Mk6 GTI, 3dr Candy White on (pristine!) 18" Monza's.

Previous owner of a Mk5 2004 2.0 FSI,
a Mk5 2008 1.4 TSI.. (Unreal motor, which unfortunately the timing chain stretched and never trusted since!)
a Mk5 2005 2.0 GT TDI.. styled as a GTI without the badges and blacked out grille

Thanks for having me :cool: