Author Topic: 16v anniversary won't idle  (Read 875 times)

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16v anniversary won't idle
« on: 05 October 2020, 15:36 »
I was wondering if anyone could shed some light, I bought a 16v anniversary and got it running but it won't idle, it will run quite happily with revs on the throttle but then dies when you take your foot off. I have replaced the dizzy, plugs, leads, rota arm and ignition coil with no joy. I've taken the ISV off, cleaned it and refitted, no change, I have taken the throttle body off and cleaned it, no change. I have unplugged the ISV and no different, it dies with revs, I have checked the voltage at the plug to the ISV and it's 12v and it buzzes when plugged in. Anything else I could try please?? Limited mechanical knowledge so please be gentle 😂

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Re: 16v anniversary won't idle
« Reply #1 on: 09 October 2020, 22:40 »
Hi and welcome to the forum!
Sounds like you made a good start with the checks that you've done already but there are a few more you can try

Have you scanned your car for codes?

The ABF is a relatively simple engine so I'd go over
- Vacuum pipes - One that goes to the ECU to the back of the manifold
- Throttle body wiring - It tends to cook and melt over the exhaust heatshield
- Coolant temp sensor - If it reads incorrectly it may be putting too much or too little fuel in
- Fuel pressure - Fuel pump relay (167) or fuel pump could be faulty
- Air leaks

Do you know the previous history? Has it had a timing belt recently or not for a long while?

I'm sure there may be more to check and someone will step in with some more ideas but thats from the top of my head :)