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I'm not 'bashing' the MK8 as it's a new model. I'm fine with the looks and how it drives (based on reviews of course!), it's the cockpit that doesn't come anywhere near the 7.5 IMHO. And that's where I have to sit.....

Apols, I don't mean you personally - its just the way its been since time immemorial.  The introduction of the mk5 was met with despair about the downgrading of interior quality 'what about the plastic covers for the seat rails' they said... the mk6 introduction was met with tears about the interior redesign, the split exhausts made it looks like a wheelbarrow ... the ED30 was a 'future classic', the very pinacle of motorcar engineering never to be beaten etc etc. 

Just the nature of people and change - generally they hate it.

(from another post)
'They' are indeed my local dealer - can only take their word for it, its not a deal breaker if it takes a bit longer.  They did say the manual was more like a 5-6 month lead time so I'm assuming they're not randomly pulling numbers out of the air.  Apparently the finance system hasn't been updated with residual values for the GTI yet so they can't quote me a deal.  Should be next week. 

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