Author Topic: 1996 Mk3 GTi ADY engine won't start help needed please!  (Read 1144 times)

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Hi again to everyone, I am a bit stuck to say the least. Car had been stood with battery disconnected for about 4 weeks while I did some work on the front brake calipers. Put a battery back on and now car cranks but won't start. I have fuel but no spark at all. I ran VCDS lite and it came up with 1 fault code namely camshaft position sensor. I had a spare new distributor which I have fitted with no result apart from fault code has been cleared and has not come back. I have read some threads that say the car will start even if the hall effect sensor is unplugged. No fault codes are registered at all now. I can measure 12 volts at the coil. If the coil was faulty, would it register a fault code? Any help or ideas would be very gratefully received.