Author Topic: Mk5 speaker upgrade  (Read 1070 times)

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Mk5 speaker upgrade
« on: 02 July 2020, 12:31 »
Hi all, just a quick one to save me taking off the door card. I have been looking at replacing the stock speakers in the from doors and there are very good kits about that include everything. All the kits seem to come with a replacement 6.5" and a tweeter. However, there also appears to be another speaker grill under where the door release is. Is there a 3rd speaker there a well and if so why do the kits not offer a 3 speaker upgrade.

Cheers Paul

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Re: Mk5 speaker upgrade
« Reply #1 on: 04 July 2020, 11:45 »
Not sure whether in some markets there was a 3 way speaker option but pretty certain you won't find anything behind the third grille.

Agree as well that most kits are two way - the most 'famous' if that's even a way to describe it, is the Focal custom fit set for mk5/mk6 and that is 2 way.

Think someone, MB Quart maybe.... do a 3 way VW kit.
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