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Low oil pressure warning
« on: 20 April 2020, 12:07 »
Hi all.

Have a slight issue and I'm hoping there will be many of you here that can shine some light on it.

Purchased a Mk5 GTi back in February absolutely love the car.
Recently though it's developed a intermittent issue with the oil pressure.

Basically when the engine temperature reaches 90 degrees the red oil pressure light comes on and beeps warning that I pressure is low and to stop the car.

I've only had it happen twice first one happened around a month ago and the other just yesterday.

Also I have noticed that the engine does take quite a long time to get up to 90 degrees too (possible thermostat fault maybe?)

On long journeys it's all fine the pressure issue tends to happen on shorter start stop trips around town?

Could this be a Oil Pressure Switch issue?
Or an oil pump issue?

Anybody experienced this kind of problem before??

Also yes I have checked the oil levels and levels are all good car also had a full service a week before I purchased it as well as having the sump taken off and the pick up pipe cleaned.

Any information welcome.

Thanks in advance