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Heated seat issue
« on: 17 April 2020, 18:43 »

I bought a VW Golf mk5 GT TDi (BKD engine) about a year ago.  It has early Jetta mk5 TDi sport heated seats installed (I think that's what they are) but never enabled on VCDS.  After cracking through a load of jobs that my new found time at home has allowed me, I enabled the heated seats using VCDS but they still don't work.  The error VCDS has thrown up is: '02092 - Enabling Heated Seat, 009 - Open or Short to Ground'.  I've been on the RossTech wiki (http://wiki.ross-tec...index.php/02092) and it doesn't really help.  I've searched the various forums over the past couple of days with no  success.  All relevant fuses are fine.

Checking the plugs under the seat, I noticed on the drivers side the seat loom (male end) has 5 wires going into the connector, the connecting female end has 6 wires going into the connector.  (The passenger side is different again with 5 on the seat end and 3 on the female side).

Does anyone have any golden tips to suggest?

Also, I want to rule out the connector wiring anomaly - please can someone post a photo of their drivers side loom wiring loom (under the grey sliding flap under the seat). 


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