Author Topic: RacingLine R600 Induction Kit - mk7.5 GTI Performance  (Read 454 times)

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Does anyone have the R600 induction kit fitter to their otherwise standard GTI Performance?

If so, what kind of difference did it make to the induction/turbo noise?

How does VW view these in relation to the drivetrain warranty? I assume that despite RacingLines association with VW, these are considered a modification and could potentially invalidate part of the warranty.

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Re: RacingLine R600 Induction Kit - mk7.5 GTI Performance
« Reply #1 on: 26 March 2020, 16:04 »
I looked into one when I first got my GTI. I'm not expert and others might be able to advise more.

From my research, the R600 is very OEM and most opinions on it seemed to be not much extra noise at all over stock. The other option is an open style one which creat more noise but also will be an issue in summer as the EA888 engines get very warm so you'll probably drop some bhp when it's warmer.

I think if you are planning engine mods then it's better to have some extra breathing but otherwise, it's a bit pointless.

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