Author Topic: Mk2 16v crankshaft pulley  (Read 2044 times)

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Mk2 16v crankshaft pulley
« on: 18 January 2020, 23:51 »
Hi its my first post on here. I have been restoring my 1989 small bumper 16v golf but a few years ago i started working away and unfortunately a few of the engine parts went missing basically the high value or hard to find parts. I did not realise until i carried on with the restoration. The item i am struggling is the crankshaft pulley i have bought a couple but the offset is always wrong and a corrado one is not the right one as the offset is also wrong. Please could somebody advise me on the right part number or better still have one or know where to get one as this is stopping me completing the start up. Thank you in advance