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Hi All
« on: 15 January 2020, 18:19 »

  Hi all, I'm Martin from Sheffield,

  I've dropped by to try and assist my Father in law!! He's asked if I can help to value his Golf Rivage.

  He's had a 1991 model since new and it's basically lived in his garage, hence it's only done 14000 miles!

  He's now almost 80 and has decided now might be the time to sell! I searched high and low but am struggling to come up with a value tbh, I'm thinking around the 12k mark? He's telling me it's immaculate, so I'm going with that at the minute, but I'll see when he actually breaks it out.

  Where might be the best place to get an honest valuation?



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Re: Hi All
« Reply #1 on: 19 January 2020, 13:24 »

One owner Rivage on 14k miles? Crazy!

I guess the first thing is to fully check it out - is it really immaculate?

How do you get an 'honest' valuation of something? Not from a dealer looking to buy it, not from a buyer looking to flip for a profit. I think the only way is to auction it. By that, I don't mean ebay either. If it was me, I would make sure it is as perfect as possible and wait for late spring/summer and have it in a proper car auction. Hard to say on price, quite a wide range I think - 10 to 16k maybe. Price could fly!

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