Author Topic: Where are all the Mk3s gone?!  (Read 501 times)

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Where are all the Mk3s gone?!
« on: 24 November 2019, 22:16 »
I actually saw another one today on the A406, it was a 1.8 SE but looked tidy all the same! It made me think... am I the only one still rocking around in theirs because I havent seen another Mk3 in ages!

I'm at the stage where I actually need to stop driving mine because of the ULEZ charge in London next year, so I'm looking for something else but it made me wonder about what is everyone else doing? Did I miss the memo and should I be storing it because Mk2 prices will apply?!

Only 22 Mk3 16v Anniversarys on the road according to stillontheroad