Author Topic: Central locking n reg gti 95  (Read 1492 times)

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Central locking n reg gti 95
« on: 17 October 2019, 21:01 »
Got me a stunning 1995, N, GTI after spending 6 months reviving her from the dead, a few days ago the scorpion 918 immobiliser decided to not respond to the key fob after battery re connection and immobilized my car. We managed to disable the immobiliser from the fuse box. However, when locking manually with the key in the door :
-The boot is permanently locked unless key is used in lock
-when key is in both doors and turned once it wont open but always on the 2nd turn ot opens
-when I'm sat in the car after opening the car locks its self and the door pins go down
-occasionally when the key gets taken out the boot the car locks itself

There is no:
-excessive pump noise,
-fails to lock
-fails to unlock (after 2 turns)

Drives fine and locks fine just unlocking can be a pain..

These symptoms are so random and just wandered if anyone has experienced the same symptoms and could this be a central locking problem? A faulty disconnection of the alarm? Faulty keys? Any advice or anything appreciated!!

Thank you

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Re: Central locking n reg gti 95
« Reply #1 on: 18 October 2019, 14:50 »

The tailgate lock can be intentionally isolated from the central locking system - with the key-slot left in one position the central locking linkage shouldn't move the plastic 'disc' on the back of the key cylinder. With the other alignment (I can never remember whether it's horizontal/linked and vertical/isolated or vice versa) the central locking should be able to move the disc into/out of position to connect with the latch release. Could a non-central-locking key assembly have been fitted?

The business with a second turn of the key is a feature called 'Single Door Opening'. With it in use, the central locking partly ignores the first twist of the key, allowing either (front) door to be opened mechanically using the key while the rest of the system stays locked. It's enabled by disconnecting pin 8 of the central locking pump connector from ground/earth. The original wiring has the units' proper ground as pin 3, with a fly-lead added on to ground pin 8 (or not).
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