Author Topic: Need a mechanic midlands based to work on my Mk3 gti 8v, engine upgrades and ecu  (Read 1401 times)

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I have a Mk3 8v gti. I have a ported and polished head (Robert cox)  ported inlet manifold and 4-1 exhaust manifold ready to be bolted on to my already running golf with the addition of new ecu and custom remap needed once work done. Catback exhaust (sports cat) and k&n already fitted, along with vr6 brakes and car is lowered. Really struggling, is anyone in the know? I am desperate to finish my project, have been chipping away for 3 yrs but really stumbling with getting this last bit of work done. None of the tuning companies or vw specialists I have contacted have got back to me. I would appreciate any input. 🤟
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who have you contacted so far?