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Starting issues
« on: 29 March 2020, 18:54 »

just replaced the battery on my MK3.5 Cab, started first time, after 3 yrs off the road and it ran ok. I went out today, to move it out the garage, and it didn't start, added £5 of petrol in case it was low, still nothing....pulled the plugs and they were wet! so I dried them off, cleaned them up...still nothing, it almost does but never..catches....any ideas.

This has been off the road for 3 yrs, after a engine change, as detailed in my Signature, before its went away, it was MOT'd and used, it ran ok, ALBEIT a little rich at start up....which I think maybe the problem here....

battery is flat now, after trying for hrs to get it going, so is on charge!! any ideas?
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