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Marked Windows
« on: 25 August 2019, 19:53 »
I have a problem with my MY19 Mk7.5. The windows look clean but when the sun hits them, particularly the rear screen it looks as if it's covered in fine very small fibres about 1 - 1.5 mm long - I don't think they are scratches and no idea whether they are inside or out. As well as the usual shampooing I've tried Autoglym fast glass and serveral other glass cleaners but nothing shifts it. Any ideas what it could be and how to get rid? The only thing I'm wondering is that the dealer put Diamondbrite protection inside and out - could they have somehow got that on the glass?
Thanks for your help

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Re: Marked Windows
« Reply #1 on: 27 October 2019, 21:56 »
What kind of cleaning cloth are you using? I find microfibre leaves small fibres on the glass, just as you describe. I use a dedicated e-Cloth glass cleaning cloth for crystal clear results.
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Re: Marked Windows
« Reply #2 on: 29 October 2019, 08:57 »
Yep, it will be the fibres from a cheaper or older microfibre. Glass is perhaps one of the hardest things to get really clean.

I use this product which I have found to be the best I've tried. The key is to use only a little product for glass (most people use far too much solution)

Then you need some good quality cloths that you keep just for windows. I use these:

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Re: Marked Windows
« Reply #3 on: 29 October 2019, 14:12 »
Did you have the protection (is it the autoglym stuff?) added at purchase? Is there a slight chance that it's something from that?

Just a thought and I don't know if it's even possible lol.
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