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Amd remap
« on: 17 July 2019, 19:30 »
Hi guys was on here a few mo ths ago with boosting problems that l got sorted but now i have a other problem :smiley:

So i got the car remapped at AMD tuning last monday made a healthy 217.5 bhp and 341lb/f of torque cars come alive its ridiculus. Anyway long story short picked the car up from amd drove home was a blast got home left the car for a few hours came back got in to go meet a friend car felt almost stock again   :cry: foot down didnt seem to be boosting like it was before just back to its old slow self. Got to my destination turnes car off back on again and car was back to its remap glory. Its done it a few times now again if it aint bossting like before i just turn of the car and back on and its back to its glory very weird anyone have amy ideas?

Mind you this use to be like this before the remap too nut i feel like i just notice it more nw that the car is so good when boosting properly. Dont mind me talking about boosting al the time i dont know if its a turbo problem i have a feeling it could be fuel pump related.

Other mods include full exhuast with decat, ram air intake, forge dv still with the defualt spring in it i mentioned to amd about changing it but they said car was running fine with original so left it. I do need to get a boost guage tbf tonsee if its boost problems .

Any help appreciated