Author Topic: DSG - Grinding & clunking sound turning (partic on one side turning) 115K  (Read 2429 times)

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Hi all

I'm inquiring about my wifes car! 2006 petrol 2L GTI DSG 115K miles!

Shes had an issue where there's a grinding & clunking noise coming from "under the car" when steering to one side particularly, but also slightly to the other side to a lesser extent! Have been advised it "could" be the diffs? Secondly, also on a single occasion on a dual carriageway the car suddenly lost all drive, engine still running but no actual drive to the wheels! Switched off & after 30 minutes, car started again & drove home as normal! The 2 things could potentially be unrelated .. or not! Anyone have any thoughts would be most appreciated!

Thanks all