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Re: Wheel Dilema
« Reply #20 on: 20 May 2019, 19:03 »
If you've got corrosion nowhere near a chip and no pathways of corrosion from the chip, they're just shirking their responsibilities to place a claim for you.

My local dealership (Lookers) does this, either can't be bothered with potentially contentious warranty claims or are scared that they won't get reimbursed.

An experience with Lookers warranty avoidance drove me away from them for buying my cars.
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Re: Wheel Dilema
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Cheers guys.
My experience is that when a dealer is a franchise the manufacturer has no control over them. The dealer is always concerned that if they authorise any warranty claim & carry out the work  & the manufacturer doesn't agree with their decision they won't pay the dealership & as such the dealership are reluctant to authorise warranty claims for the fear of not being reimbursed by the manufacturer later down the line.
When you contact the manufacturer direct they say they can't make a decision on anything because their "dealers" are their eyes & ears & they can only be guided by their findings. The dealer will claim that their hands are tied because the manufacturer makes the rules.
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Re: Wheel Dilema
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Dealers always have to get warranty work authorised from VW before doing any warranty work.
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