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Project Tornado
« on: 04 May 2019, 22:40 »
Welcome to my obligatory purchase day post for my 2005 Tornado Red GTI. The post is more a record for me of things I have done to the car but your welcome to read if you have any interest!

Just picked the car up today after a month and a half of searching and I'm well pleased with the purchase, the bodywork (minus the wings) is a step above compared to the others I looked at and although not concourse by any means it is in great shape for a nearly 14 year old car.

Mechanically there is a wee niggle that I intend to look at but nothing serious, it comes with a full service history. No evidence of DV, cam follower or PCV so these will probably be the 1st things I do mechanically.

It has the tartan interior which I love and has just been re-upholstered less than 2 month ago.

For now the plan is to get to the bottom of that small mechanical issue (possibly boost leak), a good detail and enjoy over the bank holiday weekend.

I have a list as long as me arm of things I want to do but all will come in good time!

For now here are some pics  :grin:

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