Author Topic: Wheel Spacer Advice  (Read 707 times)

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Re: Wheel Spacer Advice
« Reply #10 on: 19 March 2019, 23:46 »
This was my set-up.

All info in description.

Did you manage to fix your rubbing issue? I wonder if 10mm on the fronts would fix that. I'm in two minds whether to go ahead with spacers now as I don't want any issues, I'm lowered on Eibach Pro Lines just like yourself.

You can order McGuard in longer lengths

Cheers I'll have a look.

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Re: Wheel Spacer Advice
« Reply #11 on: 21 March 2019, 00:49 »
Yeah, if you Google 'fender screw mod MK7 Golf' it's literally a 10 minute job. All you do is remove the screw thats causing the rubbing and jobs a good 'un.

I'm back stock now though. The ride comfort on Eibachs is fantastic btw, only reason I took them off was because I was paranoid about prematurely wearing the shocks.