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Driving modes on mk7 gtd
« on: 12 March 2019, 10:10 »
I currently drive a 2014 mk 7 gtd, which I love. A few modifications have been done, 227 bhp remap by Celtic tuning, uprated springs, BBS black wheels and aftermarket front and rear spoilers.

The car is Tornado red, and I think she really stands out in a crowd.

However, I do have a question regarding the driving modes :

I have read reviews/ forums where people go on about the massive change when sport mode is selected. Well, I’m a bit bemused, because the only real difference that I find, is the engine noise level, which increases and becomes intrusive, but the car doesn’t really drive any differently. So my question is;

What really changes when sport mode is selected???? Not hype, but actual fact!!

My preferred mode is individual, with the engine on normal, but the rest on sport ( though I’m not sure if this does anything)

Another question please, how to make a hands free phonecall just using the MF steering wheel? I have a bluetooth se I phone. Incoming calls are easy, but outgoing, well I just can’t do them?.

Any help will be much appreciated


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Re: Driving modes on mk7 gtd
« Reply #1 on: 12 March 2019, 19:48 »
Welcome to the forum  :smiley:

There's more Mk7 chat in the Mk7 subforum here

This bit can be fairly quiet. In answer to your question, the driving modes don't do a lot in my experience. In sport mode you'll certainly get a lot more artificial noise, this is the expense for a slightly sharper throttle response. Eco mode doesn't improve the mpg much either, but the car is a little quieter.

Phone calls via the MFSW, only seems to work with recent numbers. If you press the phone button your most recent contacts will appear in the MFD. You can then scroll through them and hit the ok button or the phone button to dial.
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