Author Topic: Delayed/half engine power after head gasket replacement  (Read 2128 times)

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with my 2005 GTI (AXX).

Just before Christmas I found out that the coolant is mixed with oil in the engine.
Long story short, it was a head gasket. It's now changed, problem is gone, but after I put everything together, car behaves like it's got just a half of power, throttle response is absolutely terrible, it doesn't start properly (starts first time but barely, with low RPM's) and it won't go into RPM's so quick as before.

VCDS giving me this code:

16400/P0016/000022 - Bank 1: Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incorrect Correlation

Engine is assembled as workshop manual instructs, timing, cams, everything.
I thought that it might be fuel, car sat for over 2 months, but VCDS doesn't give me any fuel related codes. Live data shows normal fuel pressure.

While driving, it's got less than half boost pressure of what it needs (I checked on graph). Occasionally it gave me a code which said boost pressure was not reached, so I searched this forum and other sources to find out about N249 valve. I removed mine and checked and it's the revised one, part number ending with the D so this seems to be ok.

It also gives me code 01044 - control unit not codded correctly.

Has anybody had this or similar issue with the car?

What can be wrong?

Do I have to code anything after this kind of repair? I only tried to test few valves and did throttle body adaptation as well. Problem is still present.

By the way, car ran perfectly before the head removal. Also, sorry for my English if you find any mistakes.