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Jump Start Error
« on: 03 March 2019, 10:43 »
Long winded post, Please bear with me:

Left dash cam on whilst I was away for a few days and came home to a flat battery.

It was at night and dark and and didn't notice the sticker that says not to connect to the negative terminal on the battery.

Connected jump pack negative to negative terminal and positive to positive with no joy and then jump leads from another car the same way with no joy.

Ended up charging the battery off the car, the car then started ok but with several warning lights that went out once I went for a drive.

I have been using the car for the last 3 weeks and everything appears to work ok apart from the Battery SOC display which now shows: SOC ---% and the car displays that I need to go for a drive after being parked for a few days where as I have not had this warning before. If I go for the run then this is not displayed anymore.

The stop start had already beed disabled by changing the stop start voltage from 7.6v to 12v (vcds)  last year as I do not want stop start anyway.

I have now learned that the reason not to connect to the negative terminal is that there is a battery control module attached and if you connect to this then it will throw out the current battery stats

I understand that these stats are for the stop start (if the battery doesn't have enough charge the stop start will not work) Please correct me if I am wrong.


My questions are: What damage is done by not jump starting the correct way i.e connecting to negative battery terminal?

                                 Will the battery control module need to be replaced or can it be reset and if so how?

                                 Any other thoughts (yes I know I am an idiot for not noticing the warning sticker)


Surely im not the only fool to make this jump start error

Thanks in advance